Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

We are just under a week away from Passion Pit‘s long-awaited Gossamer. It’s been two years since they released the deluxe version of Manners. So we’ve waited, patiently, and now it’s so close. Not so secretly anymore, I’ve heard the entirety of the album already. And, friends, let me say…


Passion Pit pours out some painful lyrics on Constant Conversations, but tempers it with some slow jam style. Frontman Michael Angelakos‘ vocals come down a notch on this song (and most of the album), and we hear a little more of his true voice.

Now you’re standing in the kitchen
and you’re pouring out my drink
And there’s a very obvious difference
And it’s that one of us can fake
If there is a bump in the road yea you’d fix it
But for me i just come off the road

But tonight you got me cornered
And i haven’t got a place to go”

A few tracks into the album, Constant Conversations hits this beautiful, smooth transition in sound and meaning, and it really builds the dynamics of the rest of Gossamer. Sadly, they’ve canceled the rest of their July tour dates because of Angelakos’ healthSo pour some out for Passion Pit, revisit their first album (Manners), and find some feel-good for your day.

Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

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