Volo – Crumble (feat. GIIA)

I’m closed and I’m open. I’m rushing through these years like flickering playing cards. Blooming into this or that. I grab on to the people who glimmer in the way I want to understand. To those who also shimmer with the curiosity to expand. I’m in an open relationship with everyone I meet. Observing how deep I crumble into their different defeats. I understand it’s not always my place to try to care and tweak. To offer people what I can feel they hunger for beneath.

It seems everyones hungry, for permission just to play. To take off all the ropes and baggage and breath out the heavy weight. And I hunger just to give it, regardless of their age. Maybe because I’m hungry to receive it and and feel like it could pave…pave a road to a lighter being, to truth, to love, to laughter. To finding others like me that revel in disaster. That welcome messy presence, that light up when things crumble. That wait with heated breath and bait because I know it makes me humble.

Love this track. It has ups and downs, opens slow and tunes into you. Leads you through a sadness before breaking, shattering into flutes that catch you in their rhythm like and like an ocean wave you into a soft surrender.

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