Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Fevrier 2014

I know I know, it’s the middle of March and we’re just releasing LMDM Fevrier, we’re naughty bloggers but I promise these delays will stop! We have a great team of writers but I personally work on LMDM so if I don’t get around to it, it just doesn’t happen. On top of that my life for the last two years has been a high speed race man, I haven’t had much help so it’s taking a while to figure out how to be freakishly productive while maintaining some resemblance of a life.

As many of you know I went from being a producer & blogger to the Creative Director of The Playlist Generation and it’s been no walk in the park. From selecting the music that plays at all The Standards, PF Changs, Intermix stores, Baccarat to brag about a few, the kid barely has time for much else. Part of the reason why I haven’t handed off LMDM is because it’s one of the few times when I can turn off and escape from being the curator and dive into someone else’s world. Sure I could go listen to some name brand DJ mix the same tracks everybody and their grandma is playing in sets but I like that boutique, custom made, one of one high touch type shit. You know that Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, Steph Lund type shit.

Like all the beloved tapes that have come before it, LMDM Fevrier is an adventure. This one is particularly beautiful and romantic, strictly for the space age lovers. The tape speaks to selectivity which in this age of over saturated everything is more important than ever. It’s so interesting how Steph manages to tell such unique stories every time, I know I’m preaching to the choir but this shit is fresh, don’t sleep folks. I won’t even pretend like I can rationalize the selections but just know that all things are considered a blend of styles and genres only Steph can mastermind.

I’ve had this one since the end of February  but with SXSW and a ton of work I just haven’t gotten around to it. Besides that I wanted to make it using a new toy HP sent me a couple of months back, the ol’ Split X2. So yesteraday I went to a coffee shop, learned some new software and mixed the tape on a touchscreen, welcome to the space age. You know you’re doing something right when you get the cool young folks at corporations hitting you up about collaborations. Hopefully we can do more along these lines to build up this operation and offer you guys even more. Anyhow, press play on this beautiful thing and get that Monday feeling right, enjoy.


  1. Metronomy – I’m Aquarius (Panic Bomber Is a Taurus Bootleg Remix)
  2. Pixel Fix – Rosa
  3. Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru
  4. We Have Band – Someone
  5. Ben Pearce – What i Might Do – Club Mix
  6. HNNY – No
  7. Bronze Whale – Say It (Baile remix)
  8. Cyril Hahn – Perfect Form
  9. Cat Power- Ruin (Etcha edit)
  10. Wise Blood – Alarm (the drum version)
  11. Blood Orange – Chosen



EMPT Exclusive – Full Moon: Mix De Lune

Full_Moon_24x36 Moon

Ooooooo the excitement is raging in me as we speak.  Ever since I got word of the Full Moon party on Governor’s Island the anticipation has seemed like it’s going to last forever but alas the event is only two weeks away! Some of our favorite artist’s that we crave and love so much here at EMPT, as you will see listed below, are in the musical line up for the event.  Not only that but there is going to be yummy food to coat your stomachs as I am sure the alcohol intake is going to be massive, let’s not lie about it!  And for those of you feeling generous and full of Summer love there is a benefit called FLEET4hearME,  providing children in orphanages the ability to make music, the jewelry is dope so your doing a good deed and giving yourself some extra style. I think that’s pretty dope, so give your self some good Summer karma, ya?! Alright guys I am not going to go on and on because all the info about this panty droppin’, music mayhem, Full Moon craziness is all below:


Inspired by the mythical power of the full moon and the famous parties of Southeast Asia, MATTE’s Full Moon develops this narrative with New York’s distinct culture and edge – a transcendental beach party in the center of New York Harbor with sounds, art and food from a carefully curated lineup of musicians, DJs, artists, and chefs.

Full Moon 2013 is New York’s not-to-be-missed summer music event, blurring the line between festival and dance party. In 2012, Full Moon was attended by over 2,500 of New York’s finest and written up by titles such as Bullett Magazine, NY Mag and VICE.

This year, The Beach at Governors Island serves as an urban paradise for Full Moon – a sunset over the Statue of Liberty, a moonrise over Lower Manhattan.

Full Moon’s 2013 lineup will feature Miami Horror, Tanlines, Wild Belle, Cyril Hahn, Float Fall, The Knocks, Yuksek, & more.

Alright so this sounds Fu$%ing exciting right!? I know EMPT is gonna be there so everyone reading this better get your sexy Summer asses there as well.  Here is where you can purchase tickets and check out the facebook link for more info and inspiration!

See you all there, press play and get pumped up for June 22nd, enjoy!

Check out last years Full Moon Recap and then get down on the mix, YOU’RE WELCOME!


Wild Belle – Keep You (Ticklah Remix)
Miami Horror – I Look To You
Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Tanlines – Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix)
Yuksek – The Edge (Aeroplane Remix)
The Knocks – The Feeling (Edwin Van Kleef Remix)
Miami Horror – Holidays (Cassian Remix)
Solange – Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Darius & Le Crayon – Alicia
Air Zaire – Reaction
Little Daylight – Overdose (Tippy Toes Remix)
Tanlines – All of Me
Yuksek – Extraball (Breakbot Remix)
Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Fred Falke Remix)
The Knocks feat. St. Lucia – Modern Hearts (Club Edit)
Wild Belle – Its Too Late (Snakehips Remix)

Music Remixes

Rihanna – Diamonds (Remii’s Flashback Remix)

An invitation to shine bright in a specific moment in a call to seize the night. Inner beauty above all, this remix takes the best of the original –its meaning– and then some. And that’s exactly how I’m feeling tonight. Internet at home doesn’t work for the past week so I came to the Bogotá Beer Company’s roofless deck on the Parque de la 93 of Bogotá to steal some wifi and come through with my weekly posts for EMPT. Temperature’s amazing and this song just put me in the mood to go all carpe noctum on this day.

I found Remii out of the nothing. Leaving RiRi’s vocals intact except for lowering the BPM on it and adding a sick bassline that takes off almost immediately like foreshadowing a trip you’ll never forget. The first beats sound like something taken from a Viceroy Jetlife Remix but not for long. It is those long lasting synth strokes that defy the volume in the mix and somehow regurgitate time and time again throughout the song, it makes for an addictive concoction of sounds when mixed naturally with the beats and the drumwork.

Everything about Remii as evidenced in his work is about extending that end just a little longer – like adding another after the last one. Dance away into the dark with this and lets keep celebrating all these artists like Remii, Cyril Hahn, Jetlag and others which are taken us to a more downtempo yet still happy place in music discovery. A place that gives us hope and will to keep finding these fresh approaches to traditional music that we find so much joy in sharing with you.

Rihanna – Diamonds (Remii’s Flashback Remix)



Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Destiny’s Child. It doesn’t matter if you used to love ‘Say My Name‘ and ever since that ex girlfriend of yours dumped you, you started hating it. Because, what Vancouver native Cyril Hahn did to the track, is nothing short of magic. With a mixture of RnB and some effects, he flipped this song upside down.

Speaking with Hector about this track we were discussing the fact that it is really interesting when we come across something labeled as a remix but upon hearing it realize it’s something completely new. At least in my personal experience I’ve come across a re-work like this very few times. I can’t stop listening to this version and I applaud Cyril Hahn for it; and hope he keeps pushing out works like these. This is the product of creativity, craft and good taste in fusing genres. That said, I wondered what could’ve sparked this remix? So, I asked.

And as the real nice guy he is, Mr. Hahn himself gave EMPT an exclusive insight into this remix. Here are a couple of excerpts:

When I started working on the song I had just finished a mixtape featuring a lot of new house music such as Fort Romeau, Disclosure, Octo Octa, Kidnap Kid etc which definitely influenced the way I worked on the song.

It’s kind of ironic cause I used to hate house/dance music when I was younger and never saw myself writing a song with a steady kick drum.

My goal was to do something different without losing some sense of coherence in my sound.

Somebody described my music as “sensual codeine vibes” and I think it’s kind of fitting.”

Most songs evoke moments, and on most of my posts I tend to pair the featured song with a specific mood or moment(s). This is not the case. This song is for absolutely no moment in particular. It is to be listened to without interruptions and while doing absolutely nothing. Take it in, and enjoy.

If you feel that you’ve been left wanting more, check out Cyril’s Soundcloud and Facebook Page:

[UPDATE]: It so happens that the guy in the picture I posted was not Cyril. He pointed the fact and I’ve since replaced the image with one of himself taking a picture. He says he’s sorry that he doesn’t have any pictures of himself but that he wants people to focus on his music and not on himself.

Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)