Daughter – Youth (Alle Farben Remix)

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“And if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones.
‘Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone.
We’re setting fire to our insides for fun.
Collecting pictures from the flood that wrecked our home,
It was a flood that wrecked this home.”

This song. The lyrics. I recently read in article in a hilarious, but always inspiring monthly publication that talked about a disease where you actually become addicted to someone you used to love. The reactions your brain has to being with them is similar to cocaine. There is a rush. Your senses have heightened. Your mind actually will react as if you did a line of this person.

Some of us would call that first love. For some it is the last love. But the idea that you, your body, your mind can become dependent on the love of another, well that is science. I love songs like this though. I can sit comfortably in my happy relationship and then hear this song and feel pangs of remembrance. An uncomfortable feeling like your insides are burning and you feel it rise up your esophagus and all that comes out a little noise. A gasp. The sensation of a lover past races through my veins. I can feel my mind slightly romanticizing the breakup. To do this would be similar to romanticizing a train getting derailed and burning slowing to a stop leaving me as one survivor to have this memory. The one person who knows how it felt. We are the lucky ones who can look back on it and somehow still have a feeling that rushes at the very thought of them, even if just for a moment.


Just shy of one year after their debut album If You Leave released, Daughter has been turning heads with their heartbroken tunes and their whimsical sounds. The threesome have given way for their music to take shape in the hands of producers and has lead to many tantalizing remixes of the tunes found on their recent album, The Wild Youth.

Alle Farben, or Franz Zimmer of Berlin, is a young producer who has been releasing remixes since 2010, but plans to release his debut album come May 2014. This edit created by Alle Farben gives this solemn but relatable tune a tweak by adding in the sounds of a broken reverb and traces of an electric guitar riff paired with the synth. These elements combined create a new tone of melancholy hope for a bitter twirl on a dance floor.

Daughter – Youth (Alle Farben Remix)


Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive ( LCAW Remix )

Let’s just focus on LCAW for a moment. First of all, amazing name. LCAW which is an acronym for Low Cost Anti-Submarine Weapon. How metal. Not sure if that is what were going for, but awesome.

LCAW is a 19 year old producer from Munich and has been producing some amazing tracks these past 6 months. Being a sucker for hypnotically delicate female vocals, I am most smitten. Many of these tracks are free for download. All of them are sexy dance tunes to make your weekend sweet and filled with movement. I can’t decide which is better of the two below. The Dillon track is dark and beautiful with the best pick-up and lyrics which are as twisted as the song is beautiful. Daughter is a regular on this blog, and this song is given the boost of a speedier tempo with the help of dramatic strums and steady percussion. WHichever you prefer, you will likely want to listen to more from this producer.

Dillon – Thirteen ThirtyFive (LCAW Remix)

Bonus Track:

Daughter – Run (LCAW Remix)

Music Remixes

Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)


There are some tracks that build up within you, take you to different spaces of your mind, and resonate within you after they finish until you’re half way through the next song. Then there are some tracks that creep up on you, explode inside, and embed their shrapnel beneath your skin and bones. These songs keep you grounded while simultaneously taking you higher — exposing the sublimity of your brain and all its connections. They illuminate the path before you and show you what you could be. They’re not necessarily inspiring songs, they hit a spot in your drive that’s deeper than that. I’m not too sure what that spot is or where it could be located, but if I had to guess, it’s somewhere between the gut and heart; the soul, maybe. Chicago’s Sound Remedy remix of Daughter’s piano crooner is one of those tracks.

I don’t say this often, but this remix is spiritual. The synths and subtle dubstep build in the beginning explode into a sublime menagerie of drums, chopped ethereal vocals, and starbursts of synths. Sound Remedy redefines what it means to be dubstep here; a party atmosphere isn’t laced within the production. They use dubsteps ability to hit you as a means of waking you up, jolting you back to life, and opening your eyes. I can’t quite place my finger on what it is, but this track makes me want to be better. Perhaps it’s the lyrics. Their poetic without the pretense. Elena Tonra’s delivery is innocent and it’s concerned. Her remixed vocals work in concert with the heavy drops, balancing the tension in the production with the lightness of her voice.

There’s this one picture on the internet somewhere showing where Earth is located within the Milky Way. You can’t see it, our planet looks like a tiny speck of dust on the camera lens. The impermanence of your being, the sense of how small you really are is found within that one image. Some would speak to it’s ability to make the viewer feel insignificant, but I’d argue it ignites a sense of awe and wonder; the sublime is found within that picture. It makes losing yourself, wasting the days, and not appreciating the hours you’re alive pointless. Like this track, it sparks a drive to experience, make, and discover. It doesn’t show you how to go about it or what will happen, but it clears your head and assures you that what you want to achieve is possible.

You could still be,
what you want to,
what you said you were,
when I met you.
You’ve got a warm heart,
you’ve got a beautiful brain,
but it’s disintegrating,
from all the medicine.”

There’s something to be found in this track. Enjoy the journey.

Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)