Delacey – Cruel Intentions (feat. G-Eazy)

Delacey captivated me with her precise, incisive approach to both lyrics and sound on her debut singles, a rare case of a songwriter making the jump to standout artist in her own right. Each release has subsequently expanded the layered imagery of her pop-r&b world, from the introspection of earlier cuts to the massive heat of her newest release with G-Eazy. “Cruel Intentions” is both ready for radio and ready for genuine music fans looking for innovation in the pop genre as Delacey’s voice is utterly captivating, carrying the learned wisdom of Lana Del Rey with more seductive touches that make it a visceral experience. G-Eazy takes this one to a whole new hip-hop level as his verses have such an effortless swagger to them, intertwining with Delacey’s intoxicating world.

I have to go on a rare appreciation of album art here, because the artwork is almost as stunning as the music itself. It reminds me of my favorite work from the ’80s as those neon colors pop off the page while maintaining a mysterious mystique with the silhouettes of Delacey and G-Eazy on opposite sides of a muscle car, a symbol of fiery passion that transcends time and space. In an age where an overwhelming amount of visuals bombard you every time you log onto your preferred streaming service, it’s essential as ever to make sure your material is eye-catching, a notion that someone like Delacey deeply understands.