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Depeche Mode – Dream On (Nu Sky Remix)

Sometimes I hear banger tracks and get really frustrated because they all sound the same. But the opposite is going on here. What I find with this remix, is something I’ve seen in few others. It’s what I talked about when we brought you that Polly remix by Bruno Be. It’s also what I think, a lot of Virgin Magnetic […]

EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 3A by Ryan Radler

Ah yes Monday, Sunday’s hangover returns once again… In recent news, the S&P downgraded the U.S. Credit and apparently no one knows what that means, the stock market is in shambles and it’s only getting worse, Big Boy from Outkast got arrested on drug charges, great times all around my friends. Thankfully, Mondays on EMPT now […]

Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix)

Last week in Hollywood, I finally got the opportunity to catch a live set from DJ and producer, Avicii, who left me awe-struck with his energy-boosting/harmonic mixing which has given new life to the EDM scene over the last year. Avicii wasted no time when he jumped on stage by immediately utilizing his bottomless inventory of tracks he’s produced and remixed. One of the […]