Luke Rathborne – Dog Years

Remember this name, Luke Rathborne, trust me, it won’t be the last time you hear it. A 22 year old native from Maine, now residing in Brooklyn, Luke brings a sound which heavily resembles the Strokes with a more roots approach. After reading his bio, this guy doesn’t shy away from hardships. At the age of 18, moved to NYC where he couched surfed intermittently and ended up making home in an abandoned theater. I was fortunate to catch him opening for Noah and the Whale at the Troubadour earlier this week as he quickly mesmerized the audience with energetic vocals and crisp guitar licks. I immediately sensed his passion for the music he was playing as he evidently thrives in front of a live audience. The track which stood out from his set the most was Dog Years which puts things in perspective when the hook emerges:

This is the Dog Years, don’t let it go on by.

This is the Dog Years, don’t let it take you down to size.”

The lyrics really put a great outlook on life especially for those who are young at heart. The best moments of your life can happen so quickly within the Dog Years, this track only inspires everyone to make the most of the life you live and never look back. Luke Rathborne will be opening for the Strokes at SXSW, so you know once he’s exposed to the masses in Austin, he will be on everyone’s radar for 2011. Give the rest of his EP a listen as Mr. Rathborne will be a fixture by the end of the year.

– Joel

Luke Rathborne – Dog Years


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