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Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival – Kastle

Unable to attend the full weekend of music, I made sure to catch the final night of the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. After last year’s performances, which included the likes of Nicolas Jaar and Baths, I knew this event was not to be missed. Let it be known that to this day, Nicolas Jaar was one of the best live DJ performances I’ve ever […]

Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Aaliyah et Drake

Drake has made his admiration and respect for Aaliyah very clear through various interviews, so it seemed appropriate for a record on his debut album to use a sample from Aaliyah’s debut album.  After being signed to Jive Records at the age of 15, the beautiful and talented Aaliyah was introduced to singer/producer R.Kelly who […]

Kisses – People Can Do The Most Amazing Things

With so much drama in the L-B-C It’s kinda hard bein Snoop D-O-double-G But I, somehow, some way Keep comin up with funky ass shit like every single day…” – Snoop Doggy Dogg (1993, Doggystyle) I turned on my computer this morning and the first song I saw with Kisses’ People Do The Most Amazing […]

Peter Bjorn & John – Let’s Call It Off (Drake Cover)

Peter Bjorn & John’s fifth studio album Living Thing is due for release in about a week. I’ve had the album for a while now but every time I sit down to check it out I end up listening to Writer’s Block, the third studio album released by the Stockholm trio in 2006 and by […]

Drake & Lykke Li – Little Bit

Drake is a fantastic talent, his nack for wordplay and rhymes holds up with the best. I’m not sure about all the 808’s & Heartbreak influenced singing though. This kinda feels like that part in Ray when Stevie is still trying to find his style but has yet to come to his own. Nevertheless, we […]