Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Edgar Winter & Notorious B.I.G & 2Pac

Biggie.  Few conversations lately amongst friends honestly made me think and really consider how much talk about Biggie is people paying respect and how many people are reallllly taking in what dude was saying; to us.  Even though unanimously considered a legend, in the majority of fans top 5 dead or alive… are we still sleeping on Biggie.  I’m thinking so.  In my opinion no hip-hop artist was ever so far ahead of the rest in style and persona.  A friend of mine actually got genuinely mad at me last night for the accolades I was giving Jay-Z over B.I.G.  Another friend of mine who lives in China told me that an experience at a club recently rocking to “Get Money” – while in a Biggie T-Shirt – was one of his all time highs.  Ha.  His influence won’t die so these reminders led me to decide this had to be a B-I song.

I’ll keep it a-hundred with you guys I never heard this original sample until today.  Pretty obvious that the pitch was thrown up way high, and the 8 bars were turned into a hook.  I have to say the original is a cool record (“Dying to Live”), I actually was enjoying the beginning even more than when the sample came in at 0:38. The whole concept of the hook with the rhetorical questions honestly confused me a little when I really tried to make sense of the lyrics.  But then it all added up when Edgard Winter ends it all by saying “You know I’m dying to live until I’m READY TO DIE”.  Brooklyn.

Edgar Winter – Dying to Live

Notorious B.I.G. & 2Pac – Runnin’

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