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The 2 Bears – The Night is Young

Multi-tasking is no easy task. I’m trying to do five things at once right now and I feel like I’m stuck in a bubble going up a hill. It takes patience, know-how, confidence, and of course, time. Sometimes, it feel easier to just give up on them all and rip my bong. At other times, I […]

Kate Boy – The Way We Are

The first thing you’ll notice about this song is the drums. The driving drums, while not tribal, certainly inspire tribal movement. Uninhibited swaying, limbs akimbo, and pure delight, is what I experience when I listen to this song. The lyrics are a slap to the face, but not in a negative way. They demand your […]

EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Dimibo – Marathon (Intro Mix)

For today’s Indaba weekly, here’s a fun trance/electro-pop banger for your Saturday night. Dimibo is a new act consisting of Brennan Loney (21) and Filip Pankovcin (20) from Seattle, Washington. Dimibo patiently build “Marathon” around strong melodies by adding more and more layers of intensity, until it erupts in the later half of the track. […]

Cash Cash – Overtime

Hot. Damn. This track is just straight fire. “Overtime” basically sounds like Madeon, Knife Party, Daft Punk, and–yep–Marky Mark had a baby and that baby is extremely hyperactive and multi-faceted. This joints has got so much different sounds and samples going on in it that it probably shouldn’t work, but it most definitely does. Cash Cash has delivered a blast from […]

L’Equipe du Son – Slow Notion

L’Equipe du Son is a dutch outfit that I recently discovered. They’ve been putting out stuff under that monicker for 3 years now. The Slow Notion EP was just released some days ago. And it was only after further exploration of their material that I stumbled upon Lesson 1. Which I couldn’t possibly afford to not […]

Junior Byron – Dance to the Music (Gigamesh Version)

Once upon a time, it was 1983 and disco was nearly dead. After a heyday in the mid to late ’70s, all the haters got together and hosted Disco Demolition Night in Chicago, cited as “the day disco died.” Disco was the music of experience, of letting go, and, let’s face it, freedom. People didn’t […]

AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love

Hey y’all! I’m bringing you the newest single from the London power-duo, AlunaGeorge, and it’s everything you’d expect and more from this emerging artist. Released yesterday, this airy track of unrequited love goes down easy in the ears and sends good vibes through your whole body. Dazed vocals blend into heavy 808 bumps and sync into singer […]

Milky – Just The Way You Are (Allen Walker Re-Write)

  There’s nothing like a little feel good, uplifting tunage to kick off the week, and this Milky track is a definitely a box of fun. The original came out in 2002 and was (unbeknownst to me) a European dance hit with a pretty blunt message: don’t go a-changing. Now, the mysterious, Cairo-based producer Allen […]

Santigold – The Keepers (The Knocks Remix)

My boys Mr. J-Patt and B-Roc of The Knocks take this one out of the park. Fresh out of the oven they bring us their rendition of my favourite track out of Santigold’s album Master of My Make-Believe. The song is not quick to the trigger and leaves a couple of surprises further into it. […]

Justice – Genesis (Live)

I can’t tell if I’m hearing a crowd screaming in excitement or shrieking in fear of some horrific event about to take their lives. Either way, nice track by some of the coolest cats around. Rock on. Justice – Genesis (Live)