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EMPT Classics: Soko – I’ll Kill Her

Man, this must have been one of my earliest post on EMPT, its fun to think back on that time. Anyways, this easy going, happy go lucky love song about murder should help lighten things up for everyone on this day of love & happiness, re-enjoy. Originally posted September 10, 2009 _____ You ever think […]

EMPT Classics: Dub Sonata – Nights In Cuba

Getting the exclusive on Nights In Cuba was one of EMPT’s proudest moments, a true underground classic that has been one of our most popular post to date. Re-enjoy. Originally posted December 20th, 2010 _____ When it comes to music, it’s no secret that out of struggle comes progress and innovation. There’s no greater example […]

EMPT Classics: Private – My Secret Lover

Happy Holidays everyone!  I thought it was only appropriate to post a classic EMPT track and this one has all the right moves for the Holidays.  Great vibe, great message and the kind of energy that gives your Holiday, whatever you may be doing, a little extra swag. On that note I am gonna go […]

EMPT Classics: Gemini Club – Ghost (Hey Champ Remix)

It’s rainy here in Brooklyn and I really wanted to go get a tree today to have my place smelling fresh, but sadly I am cooped in my apt about to watch some football and chillin’ out to some good tunes like this EMPT Classic, Gemini Club.. Not such a bad way to spend a Sunday […]

EMPT Classics: Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot

I am sure everyone is winding down from an incredible Thanksgiving, I know I am.  I chose this classic because when you’re with all your family and friends giving thanks, whatever anger and tough act you have been putting on lately seems to melt away.  You reach out to someone special regardless of the situation […]

EMPT Classics: Dan Le Sac – Thou Shalt Always Kill

I remember the first time I heard this track was at an Upright Citizens Brigade Harold Show in NYC with someone I shared quite a connection with.  We both looked at each other at about the same time and said “have you heard this?”, “No”, “it’s dope though, definitely for EMPT readers.”  I must have […]

EMPT Classics: Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)

I was really craving an EMPT throwback, especially since I am reminiscing in some good times back in 2010.  The people you once knew tend to seem different, but you still miss them none the less, disasters happen such as the recent Hurricane Sandy in NYC, the music keeps changing, and so on and so […]

EMPT Classics: Escort – Cocaine Blues

Yup, another EMPT Classic, your welcome!  I thought this would be appropriate since Summer is coming to an end , football season is upon us, the NEW YORK Jets are playing today, and it’s that time of year where life is going a million miles an hour like your flying high on cocaine…Re-Enjoy! __ I’ve […]

EMPT Classics: Shiny Toy Guns – Starts With One (Classixx Remix)

You know how we said we were going to bring back the EMPT classics?…..Well we weren’t BS-ing, and we are going to keep this going so keep those eyes and ears open. When searching through the archives I didn’t have to search for more then 60 seconds when I stumbled upon Shiny Toy Guns.  Perfection […]