EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: DJsiah – “Lights Are Getting Closer”


Jesiah, AKA DJsiah, is a busy man. Between his professional music pursuits creating music for commercials and major labels, he finds time to indulge himself in the artistic. His sonic creations are always immaculate, with transparent mixes, effective sounds, and a clear production style.

One of his recent efforts, “Lights Are Getting Closer”, is the perfect mix of EDM maximalism and indie melodic ideas. It’s infections melody is reminiscent of Passion Pit’s hit “The Reeling”, and is just as adept at working it’s way into your mind. Framing the melody are seriously dynamic drums, which ground the whole tune with a hard hitting foundation. Try and sit still while you listen, it’s not that easy.

Lights are getting closer

You can checkout more of DJsiah’s work on Indaba Music Soundcloud and on his website..


EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Saib – BBQ


There’s always one specific challenge to a completely instrumental track: How do you mitigate the pitfall of losing the listener due to the lack of vocal? Firstly, don’t get stuck in the loop. Nothing causes ear fatigue faster than the same 4 bars repeated 4 times. Second, think about the arrangement and the form. There’s a reason form exists in music, and further, there’s a reason the tried and true pop structure has been around for so many years. And third, melody. If you can’t write something that hooks the listener, then there’s no point in continuing. It’s the difference between recitative and an aria.

French producer Saib shows with his music that he is well versed and capable of these three key elements. With a firm grasp of structure, melody and diversity, he creates solid tracks that aren’t content to play in the background. His track “BBQ” combines hooky sections with great transitions, allowing the track to progress. Check it out below:

Saib – BBQ

Check out Saib’s other work on .


EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Dimibo – Marathon (Intro Mix)


For today’s Indaba weekly, here’s a fun trance/electro-pop banger for your Saturday night.

Dimibo is a new act consisting of Brennan Loney (21) and Filip Pankovcin (20) from Seattle, Washington. Dimibo patiently build “Marathon” around strong melodies by adding more and more layers of intensity, until it erupts in the later half of the track. “Marathon” is able to blend elements of house and trance in a tasteful way that never loses site of the core rhythmic and melodic elements.

Marathon (Intro Mix)

Dimibo’s Souncloud page shows only one original mix – lets hope this is an indicator of future club hits.


EMPT Presents: Indaba Music Weekly – DJsNeverEndingStory – “Floating Euphoria”


DJsNeverEndingStory (or DNES for short), the cousin of legendary rap group The Pharcyde’s Bootie Brown, represents the perfect amalgamation of everything modern in today’s production-based music. He is able to fuse the sweeping texture of glo-fi/shoe-gaze, the hard ducked feeling of house and the rhythm of hip hop into a stellar melting-pot—a style he has dubbed “floating”.

DNES – Floating Euphoria

DNES is currently in the process of writing his first EP, three songs of which can be found on his Indaba page and his official website.


EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Hannah Read – Wrapped In Lace

In today’s hunt for great music, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the energy of prevailing trends. And while that environment has indeed bred some of our favorite current records, it’s refreshing when a gifted young artist comes along that transcends the noise, and does so on the merits of her songcraft, restraint, and musicianship. Hannah Read’s Wrapped In Lace EP is a shock to the system. The collection maintains a clear creative voice while exploring dynamic hills and valleys along the way. Prepare to be surprised and emotionally demolished.

Hannah Read – Wrapped In Lace

While currently entertaining audiences in New York (by way of the Berklee College of Music), she inherits much of the color in her lovely voice from her native Edinburgh, Scotland. Perhaps as an homage to her native UK – where she’s currently on tour – she does a remarkable cover of the traditional “Quiet Joys of Brotherhood,” popularly recorded by Fairport Convention.

Hannah Read – Quiet Joys of Brotherhood


 Check out Hannah Read on Facebook