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Surprise Party! – Surprise Party! EP

For a brand new duo, Surprise Party! have a killer EP on their hands. It’s an unmistakable product of the internet age where influences across time and space are compiled into a compelling framework. Take the lead single “I Know U Know”, for instance; it’s built around a deep groove topped with house-leaning percussive flair, […]

Parker – Spark EP

I really dig the surprise in the track, you will hear it around 46 seconds and what you think is going to happen doesn’t.  When I first took a listen I assumed this was the moment the big techno beat was going to come in for probably a solid 30 seconds but much to my […]

DROELOE – A Moment In Time

I know I can be a bit hyperbolic about the music I review (blame it on being passionate about others’ creative endeavors), but here’s a statement I say with the utmost confidence: DROELOE are one of the most unique electronic acts in the game. I had the pleasure of seeing them live alongside San Holo […]

CJ Warren & Fre$h – Fre$h Jays EP

You know I’m still on that hip-hop flow so I got some more for ya trailing Monday from CJ Warren & Fre$h, for the rest of the EP click here.  Hip-hop relaxes me, it’s like adult story time for me, if it’s good, comes from the heart and speaks some solid truth for the person […]

Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

Sam. Smith. A composition between Sam Smith and Disclosure at the end of 2012 launched Smith and his sultry vocals into the elite of the music scene. Sam Smith recently released an EP, Nirvana, on 28 January 2014. Cannot recommend this more. His release offers 7 tracks, some of which are more R&B and stripped […]