Mixtape Music Writing

Et Musique Pour Tous Presents: Les Auteurs — Samantha Sanders


Welcome to another installment of Et Musique Pour Tous Presents: Les Auteurs. I took me a while to decide on a theme, and as it goes, my theme is a non-theme! I simply want to capture the ephemerality of moods.

The relationship between mood and music is important to me, and I’m a big proponent of using music in all facets of my life.Other than purely listening for pleasure, playing music is either to elevate my current mood or redirect my emotions to put myself in a different state of mind. Music is with me everywhere- to jazz me up in the morning when I realllly don’t want to get out of bed; to ride along with on my bike to get me up those hills (using only one earbud for safety!); to motivate me to get that laundry done; to calm me down when my mind is in a tizzy; to DANCE along to when I want to expend some energy! It permeates through my entire lifestyle. I love that music can move you, both mentally and physically.

Music is a great companion, and has been a big part of my life since high school. The music blogs of the internet were the best thing I could have discovered during that time. I was the “new girl” most of my childhood and as a result of sporadic seclusion, I always found things to engross myself in outside of school and athletics. In 7th grade it was breakdancing, in 8th I had a mild obsession with soccer ball juggling and foot tricks, in 9th I landed on music and stuck with it. Believe me, it was a better fit than breakdancing.

So in high school I would scour the web for music to fit my eclectic taste; I liked the idea of listening to outlandish things, to things I thought my peers had never heard of. I liked introducing my friends and family to interesting sounds. These sounds were so diverse I noticed I had almost a mood library on my computer, not just songs. I began to learn how to create aesthetics based solely on music, and I also learned how a disconnect between situation and sound can alter perceptions of a situation. Go ahead, put that Big Freedia vinyl on the turntable while hosting a quaint dinner party and see how your guests react. Hopefully your current mood is captured by at least one of the songs in this playlist. Enjoy!

– Samantha