A Tribe Called Quest – Excursions

A lot of people wonder why EMPT hasn’t rushed to become some sort of Pitchfork type deal. Business people from well-respected companies come to us with corny proposals and we turn them down. They look at the rebel kids like we don’t know what we’re doing because they don’t understand our intention. Why? First of all, it’s because we would never violate the love people have for us by exposing our audience to anything we didn’t think was the absolute best…

We think you’re a joke shove your hope where it don’t shine…” – Santigold

Secondly, in this world where everything and everyone is in a constant buy & sell pendulum Space Age Bachelor Pad Music is NOT FOR SALE.

Why do I say that ’cause I gotta speak the truth man,
Doing what we feel for the music is the proof man…”

Third, we just don’t care about poser related complications. EMPT has nothing to do with money, fame, ego, recognition, power or admiration but everything to do with expression of the selfless beings we aspire to.

It’s always been like that but now more than ever I find myself basing all my life decisions on that type of thinking. If we’re not careful the marketing complex can make us think material things are what dictate what we should do. I.e. I need a nice car so that means I need a great job. That’s false though and it should be the other way around. You should reflect internally on what it is you feel and base your decisions from the inside out…

You gotta make moves, never ever ever can you fake moves.”

Excursions is the opening track on Tribe’s The Low End Theory, one of the rawest, hardest, dopest and flyest Hip Hop albums you’ll hear. That line up there is the hook and in its simplicity lies a truth that is essential in the journey that is life. We all know the difference between real and fake but not everyone is willing to face the fear that usually leads to poser like decision-making. What’s worse than knowing you’re doing something fugazi and pursuing it anyway?

You must be honest and true to the next, don’t be phony and expect one not to flex…”

There are consequences to sell out activity. If you rob a store you must be prepared to go to jail because you either accept or understand the risk. If you fake moves you have to understand there are consequences for that too.

So as you go into your Friday, press play and let the abstract take over your mind with realness. Let that Art Blakey walking bass line take your deep into the cultural melting pot that is hip hop music. Let that Bob Power sound engulf you with rawness. Take am excursion to the boogie down and let Q-Tips anti-posing lyrics stick in your head. Stay true.

A Tribe Called Quest – Excursions