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Broken Bells – Holding on for Life

Whoever had the idea for The Shins James Mercer and prolific producer Danger Mouse to get together…give that person a fucking medal. Broken Bells, their collaborative project, has released two fantastic albums, described by Rolling Stone as “left field pop” and by the guys as “experimental, but melodic too.” “Holding on for Life,” off their […]

Slow Magic – On Yr Side

I’ve been listening to this song since August, it kept me company in my walks home from the office. To listen on a good volume made not only the scenery better with a perfect soundtrack, but it also helped me construct these visions and directions of my personal and professional life—this is my business as […]

Grails – Acid Rain

Ok, before you take a listen, make sure you have some time to spare since this is an 8 minute song and will require full use of your laying back capabilities. These guys fall under my space rock genre for very apparent reasons.  Their album, Doomsdayer’s Holiday, is one the most musically ambitious projects I’ve […]