Space Age Bachelor Pad Music


“I’m not into this to press up a mass amount of records. I’m not into this to be traveling around the mother f#$%ing world. I’m not into this to press, to impress anybody. I’m into this for my own heart and soul

A lot people after work you gotta go home, you take a bath. A lot of people go home you f#$k your wife, a lot of people go home you cut your grass. I go home and I f&$k that mother f$%&ing MPC all f$&king night, you understand?

I probably release probably 10% of the stuff I actually do. Just because I go home and turn it on and f$%k with it doesn’t mean I’m making a track for the next EP, it’s just something I like to touch and feel, it feels good to me.

You know a lot of people ask me if I’m married or how come you got all these women around you know and all this. Naw, these are beautiful women to help me inspire myself, my bitches and my hoes is my MPC’s, my SP-1200, my bass, my keyboard. Them are my bitches and them are my hoes. I turn them mother f$*%ers on at night, I turn them bitches off at night. Them bitches go out there and make my mother f$%#ing money, I send them bitches over there to take care of my business. THAT’S WHY I’M HERE. Them my hoes.

You understand? ”

Homework – I’m Into This