The Avener – Fade Out Lines

The song is instantly sexy. It is tangled in it like long legs on the bed.

The Avener has a sound that evokes a feeling sexuality, calmness and one where dancing is inevitable to it.

Tristan of The Avener described the tune as  “hard to define. It’s blues with jazz, folk and funk influences, and electronic instruments. It has feelings, emotion and nostalgia, but a lot of energy, too.”

This tune hits on so many levels of interesting sounds that are reminiscent of the late ’60’s sort of Jim Morrison talking poetry over the song and it weaves itself in seamlessly. Lyrics are always something that attract me to a song. Like poetry the words here just play in your mouth and you can slowly let them slip from your lips and hips.

It’s everywhere I look
From Las Vegas to right here
Under your dresser
Right by your ear
It’s creeping in sweetly
It’s definitely here
There’s nothing more deadly
Than slow growing fear
Life was full and fruitful
And you could take a real bite
The juice poring well over
Your skins delight
But the shadow it grows
And takes the depth away
Leaving broken down pieces
To this priceless ballet

I like this song because for me, it feels like I am free in it. Independent. The bits of my heart move to it and feel less guilt for staying and less afraid of wanting to say “I need a break. I want a rest.” Interesting statistic, 91% of women say they would like independence in a relationship compared to the 80% of men. Is the want to move alone or be alone so wrong? Talking to a friend who had similar thoughts, I couldn’t tell if I even felt guilty because I genuinely felt that, or if it was because I knew most people would say I should feel guilty. But we are stuck in the middle at times in the race of it, defining the lines of what feels right and what we are committed to. But who’s life and rules are we committing to? Where is the line drawn?

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