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Trails and Ways ft. Harriet Brown – Downright (Falcon Punch Remix)

As I was half-watching Roger Federer dissect Andy Murray this weekend, one word came to my mind: finesse. It’s why Federer is the best to ever play tennis. It’s why LeBron James will never be Michael Jordan. It’s why John Stockton was better than Gary Payton. It’s why I prefer Pink Floyd to The Rolling […]

Holy Models – Lessons (Falcon Punch Remix)

We *suffered* through about three weeks of incessant rain in Colorado until the calendar turned to June. The whole vibe of the city was unusually bleak and low-key (yes even more chill than usual). No one was motivated to do much, and everyone I spoke to was just down in the dumps. Then June came, the […]

Falcon Punch – Silk

Every night, before I go to sleep, I lay in bed in complete silence. More often than not, a figurative gnat starts buzzing in my ear or a faint police siren goes off. That’s what living with Tinnitus is like, and it truly sucks. I think Tinnitus–a ringing in your ears–is a bigger threat to […]

Falcon Punch & Pixelated – Flying High

It’s been over three years since EMPT introduced the world to the sound of Falcon Punch. Since then, the now Boulder-based Colorado producer has made a habit of popping up a couple times a year to release re-imaginations of old school, feel good tracks. Typically, Falcon Punch tackles really obscure tracks–or parts of tracks–and gives […]

Falcon Punch & Roller Radio – I Might Be Gone

Whitney Houston may well have departed, but as it goes for musical legends, her voice is very much still with us. Fortunately, the ever burgeoning realm of Nu Disco–sampling heavily from 70s funk and, more frequently, those of Whitney’s ilk, 90s R&B –will ensure that the disco, soul, and R&B legends of our past never […]

Falcon Punch – Whenever You Call Me

The first time I was introduced to the sultry sound of Falcon Punch was around a year ago right here at EMPT, when I ran into his dynamite debut single “Where You’ll Stay.” I love when things come full circle, and when I was sent this track a little while a back by FP, it […]

Falcon Punch – Where You’ll Stay

I’ve been on the road a lot lately so I haven’t had time to check out submissions but this morning a song submitted by a dude called Falcon Punch caught my eye and I’ve been rocking to it ever since. I’d never heard of producer/DJ Avery Henderson before but his song description mentioned how the […]