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Chromeo – I Can’t Tell You Why

Young boy, don’t be late, this girl ain’t really got time to wait. You think it’s all for show, but this is just the only way I know.” I like listening to Chromeo, aside from the music just being flat out good, Dave 1’s lyrics are right in tune with my style in all matters […]

Chromeo – Call Me Up (Bag Raiders Remix)

Every time I listen to Chromeo I’m reminded of those old school smooth soul R&B/Funk bands. You know, like the Barry Whites, Fatback Band, Major Harris, the Persuaders. All the guys whose sole purpose as artist was to sing about the many complexities, dimensions and details of macking it to girls on a daily basis. […]

Chromeo – Rage!

From their debut “She’s in Control,” if all you know of Chromeo is “Fancy Footwork” it’s time to get on iTunes and learn some history. The funkiest Arab/Jewish collaboration “since the beginning of time.” Great production, great song. You always told me you wanted something more, I couldn’t give you what you were looking for. […]