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RÜFÜS – This Summer (JBAG Remix)

With a grey sheen in the sky and clouds that feel damp and heavy, powering through a brief holiday week can seem overwhelming. The anxious wait for Wednesday’s end means sweet relief for a Thanksgiving feast. Some ready their utensils for cooking and others for eating. No matter what your course, dealing with the combination of excitement (food) and stress (family) requires a momentary lapse in the senses. This track offers that opportunity. The synths swell and the beat grooves.

We all made plans
We all made plans to go out this summer
Lost in brightness
Feeling, I want this
To last a lifetime
On and on and on and on
Skies surround us
You wanted to notice
The light around us
Is gone is gone is gone is gone.”

RÜFÜS painted their original track with an air of nostalgia and regret. The Australian indie/dance trio creates this sweeping sense of emotion with echoing vocals and deep, steady bass rhythms. JBAG strikes This Summer with a mighty force of synths and rhythms. The duo of Jerry Bouthier and Andrea Gorgerino has made their name spinning at fashion shows for the London elite. The two add their polish to this track  with a style that brings out the strut in all of us. The essential nostalgia stills pours through the track, but instead seeks a greater end, somewhere beyond the catwalk.

RÜFÜS – This Summer (JBAG Remix)




This blog is going to be about music but from time to time I’ll post other notable art etc. In this case it’s a Terry Richardson photoshoot of Daria Werbowy. It’s from 2007 but I always find myself revisiting it. Very chic. This captures a feel too close to home, I’m a big fan. These are my favorites from the series, enjoy.