Merry Mixmas: Christmas Classics Remix


Yeah baby, It’s christmas! From Timbuktu, to the Caspian Sea, even here at EMPT. Well, that means one thing: a house full of relatives, bubbly and a kitchen full of once-a-year delicatessen. That’s enough to make any ice queen thaw.
So I was greeting all my aunts, uncles, and cousins and one of them suggested I should sort out some festive tunage. Seeing as I really enjoy the Verve Christmas Remix, I popped that on. They were not impressed. So I turned to my back up album, Merry Mixmass: bass brought down to a minimum, fancy techno gimmicks as well. Basically things kept as habitual as possible. Notwithstanding, this album is so smooth, I can’t believe it’s not butter! So in harmony with this worldwide christmas cheer, here are two epitomizing tracks of this jazzy low-fi compilation. I encourage you all to get a hold of a copy. Happy Ho Ho Ho day y’all. Enjoy.

Billy May – Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Malibu Remix)

Ferrante & Teicher – Sleigh Ride (Ralph Myerz Remix)