Adam Snow – From __ With Love (ft. Fiftygrand)

An Adam Snow and Fiftygrand collaboration? Say no more. I expected an ethereal journey and that’s undoubtedly the case on “From __ With Love”, a modern ballad that fuses pitched-up vocals with quaint keys woven through clattering hi-hats and snares. Much like its gorgeous purple-fading-into-pink artwork, the track is subtle yet accentuates all of its most pleasant elements with such grace. Its sonic palette specifically reminds me of lonely summer nights spent listening to Misogi and wondering where melodic, hip-hop influenced music would go next – I’m sure the past me would be pleased with present results.

On the topic of loneliness, I’m naturally an introvert who learned over time to romanticize the condition. Listening to brooding music across the spectrum, I’d lay in bed while artists reflected that feeling of isolation and allowed me to retreat further within myself. While loneliness is an interesting topic to engage in, it’s not a mode of existence that’s productive or preferable; it slowly envelops you until it swallows you whole, leaving you to wonder how it happened in the first place. I went through the entirety of the process, and while I was broken by the end of it, I’m at least able to look back and see where I went wrong, now cognizant of the fact that I have a deep desire to isolate until I self-destruct. I can’t change my intrinsic nature, but I’ve acquired the knowledge and tools alongside the friends and lifestyle that prevent me from letting my impulses take me down that path once more.

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