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Ta-ku – Higher (Flume Remix)

I am not sure quite how to approach writing about this song. It is a layered with amazing artists and allows for the listener to flow through them all fluidly. Ta-ku created Higher sampling from Starz, a tune produced by J Dilla who contributed countless beats during his lifetime as a prominent producer. Ta-ku has […]

EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Mai 2013

How often do we forget the value and power of our individuality? I mean it’s not something one dwells upon daily but do you realize that your genetic makeup is one of a kind and that every feeling, emotion, thought, inclination or breath you have is unique to you an only you? I’m not talking about corny stuff […]

Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

I saw this photo earlier in the week and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Well, not thinking about it, per se. More just rolling it around in my head. Considering the meaning of it. This is one of those photos you see in the “Best Of’ year end retrospectives but for those of […]

Flume – Sleepless (Charles Murdoch Remix)

Flume’s original spin of this track is impeccable. It’s sexual without being over-right and in your face. It brings you in and softly coddles you into a trance of chopped vocals, soaring synths, and chimes. I’ve been listening to “Sleepless” since late December and into the new year. His sound is fresh and oddly ageless. […]

Flume – Sleepless feat. Jezzabell Doran

A subtle vocal fade in directs our attention to all the bells and whistles of what marks a truly adorable song. The technique is simple and classic, but the spacey chimes in the background make you feel like you’re traveling through a forest at an inhuman speed. The vocals are indecipherable, and so is the […]

Anna Lunoe & Flume – I Met You

Although life is very complex and the decisions we make can find a plethora of categories to put them in, life can -in general terms and in my humble opinion- be classified into two categories: the things we can control in life and the ones we can’t. If you most often than not get overwhelmed […]