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Whilk & Misky – Babe I’m Yours

The UK duo called Whilk & Misky are fairly new to the US music scene, and only recently released their first EP, “The First Sip” – in December. “Babe I’m Yours” is my personal favorite of the 4-track EP, and if you’re into Chet Faker-esque vocals paired with folksy guitar and percussion, you’ll probably get hooked […]

Bahamas – Caught Me Thinking

  When I first heard “Caught Me Thinking,” I imagined a Vampire Weekendesque trio, nonchalant in skinny jeans, picking out lo-fi WASPafarian knockoffs. That’s not a bad thing. At first listen, the track is a light plinky plank riff that doesn’t exactly capture the memory. It’s breezy undercurrent flows through barroom breakdowns and little disco […]

Mammals feat. Flash Forest – Move Slower

Occasionally, adult life transports you back to specific youthful moments. My volleyball team played in our season tournament last night, and as we served, hit and cheered out each point, I found myself lost in the buzz. That same buzz I felt when I was 17, and time seemed to slow with every audacious play […]

Stone Cold Fox – American

At the center of my true heart lies an innately curious, bespectacled nerd. My latest fascination has been the infinite universe, the journey beyond our known environment. I’ve been reading Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot which discusses the human future in space and how minuscule we are relative to the vast cosmic ocean. The “pale blue dot” […]