The Botaniks – Fond of Jane (Feat. Bernhoft)

I needed something to kick off this insanely gorgeous Thursday, something to take away my sleepiness and give me a dose of dance medicine, and YUP I think I found what I was looking for.  It took a lot of digging and picking to find some valuable material on The Botaniks, but what I did find was pretty interesting and just what I needed.

THE BOTANIKS are a twin-head-mutant from the post-nuclear global wilderness next door, cooking up their future sound by fusing found digital and analogue materials.”

Music that has been sparking my interest lately have been coming from artists outside of the US.  Don’t get me wrong I am USA all the way, but lately its been artists from Australia, Sweden, Iceland, and London that have been coming up with these great sounds that make you pause from whatever else you are doing to press restart over and over again.  Now this Norwegian Duo pops up and I am thinking its time to take a musical vacation around the world for a while for some new sound discovery.  The way some of these artists are stepping it up mashing up different sounds along with great vocals gives me hope!  Bernhoft’s vocals are flawless on this track, I am a vocalist myself so to hear the transitions so well played is always love for my ears.  The music and the vocals together are very theatrical, there’s a lot of very precise methodical movements that do not go with out notice here.

If you want to check out some dope S*%T (and you should), then go to this link  There website is really well done and says a lot about what these guys are creating, they have all kinds of cool sounds going on with every link that you click on.  Anyways I am sure we are all still re-couping from crazy Memorial Day Weekend Parties but take a listen to this track, cuz its the weekend again and there is so sitting around on this one!


The Botaniks feat. Bernhoft – Fond of Jane