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Atlas Genius – Trojans (Fred Falke Radio Edit)

One of the most uncomfortable things about a breakup is the lingering thought. Like a splinter in the back of your head deep-rooted in your conscious –wishing it’d be in the subconscious– it’s a constant reminder of what happened. That said, one of the most gratifying things about a breakup is being able to say […]

Lana Del Rey – National Anthem (Fred Falke Remix)

Long time reader, first time writer here. 1love to EMPT Nation and Hec. Let’s boogie. I’m writing this post about Fred Falke because he’s a name that’s become synonymous with the bloggosphere, underground emeralds, and really, what drew me to EMPT in the first place: exquisite music. I’ve had the luxury of meeting Monsieur Falke […]

The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo

You wanna go to the sky with me?! Man, take a look at the world right now. Scientist have have recently made one of the most important discoveries in modern science with the observation of what could be the God particle aka the Higgs Basoon. We’re that much closer to know what matter is made […]

EMPT Presents – W I N T E R : a n t i – s u m m e r 2 a by Ryan Radler

Ethereal – extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Press play on Ryan Radlers latest mix tape and that’s exactly how the music will make you feel, immediately. The effect is no coincidence and if you’re hip to the anti-summer/anti-winter concepts then you know that’s what these tapes are […]

Wolf Gang – The King And All Of His Men (Fred Falke Remix)

I was having a hell of a time finding something to post today. I heard a lot of good acoustic stuff and some cool electronic but nothing was connecting with me, I was looking for something special, something that took me on a ride… I needed that epic Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, you know […]

Fred Falke – 909 PM At The Beach

You know it’s unfortunate that certain sayings become cliché because it’s in the simplest most overused expressions that we can find the most truth. The one I find that we always take for granted is life is what you make it. We put ourselves though a lot of headaches and get in bad modes when […]

Kris Menace – Lightning

Kris Menace exploded to the scene in 2005 with his hit single Discopolis, a collaboration with Lifelike that took the house scene and Ibiza by storm. WARNING: To all the girls reading this, this video is for boys, unless your a girl that likes girls, which is totally cool with me. The video is basically […]

The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)

You could play it safe or play it cool, follow the leader or make up the rules.” I was in a meeting yesterday that pissed me off and listening to this song inspired the rest of this post.  I was talking to an A&R about the music business and all I got was this sappy […]

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Aout

New month – new Le Miel du Mois mixtape on EMPT. I would write more but it’s Saturday and I need to back out in the sun asap, enjoy. Le Miel du Mois: Aout:  Last month, one of the fans of the monthly mix, “kiki,” commented on how Le Miel du Mois: Juillet makes her feel: […]

Fred Falke – French House Remix King

Will French disco house ever get old? I don’t think so. Besides Don Diablo, I don’t many other producers with as many high quality remixes as 33 year old bass player turned producer, Fred Falke. Notice I said high quality, I know there are producers who release something new every two days but we’re talking […]