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Moon Boots – Off My Mind

    “I can’t get you off my mind, no matter what I do.” So begins one of the funkiest tracks you’ll ever hear, Moon Boots’ “Off My Mind.” This gem came out over two years ago, and provides a nice into to what Moon Boots is all about. “I don’t like the term nu […]

Perseus – Cool Runnings

I got this song on my birthday this year, on January 23rd, and it was my musical present by producer/DJ Perseus. It unites two very important moments in music in my life — that’s what makes it special. The first one – that deep house bassline reminiscent of those late 90’s raves (they were not […]

Jonas Rathsman -W4W (Women 4 Weapons)

I reside in a futuristic, utopian society (in space, natch) where all music is free and all artists have the financial freedom to pursue whatever their heart desires at all times. In this dream realm, torrents, RARs, and liking Facebook pages for songs do not exist. There is also a musical Brita, through which only […]