Gramatik – Satoshi Nakamoto (The Funk Hunters Remix)

I’ve been on a hunt for bass loving funk and with this remix of Gramatik’s “Satoshi Nakamoto” it’s safe to say I just bagged the biggest buck of the herd! This is the shit that makes me want to jump up and down, sway back and forth, and bang my head all at once. I mean seriously, those horns? Those guitar licks? Those synths that bend at warp speed like an upside down rollercoaster? It’s just mindblowing!

And don’t get me started on the bars Adrian Lau & ProbCause are spitting here…it’s like I’ve been teleported back to rap’s heydey of boombastic beats bumping outside the bodega, new Timbs smell and all. They navigate The Funk Hunters’ new instrumentals with the quickness, and while I don’t give a shit if a rap song is a lyrical masterpiece or nothing but ad-libs, the lines these two dudes bring are straight heat. I mean seriously, “Epiphanies on symphonies…epigrams these words last for centuries” almost made me fall out of my seat! Combine that with music that reminds me of raging my face off to Big Gigantic years ago and you’ve got yourself a textbook winner.

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