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Madi Diaz – Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix)

A close friend of mine works at a radio station. He is sent hundreds of demos, albums and samplers each year. Most of those are summarily retired, but he still listens to a large percentage, if only for a few seconds. While catching up over Thanksgiving, he commented to me that everything he’s been getting […]

Pomrad – Pomslap

Pomrad is the alias of Antwerp based jazz keyboard player, rising producer, and solo performer Adriaan Van De Velde. As Pomrad, he is signed to London art label Earnest Endeavours, and released his “This Day EP” in April. His first release came in 2012, the “Vlotjes EP,” and garnered critical acclaim from the international community. […]

EMPT Premiere: DJ CAM – Uncomfortable (REFLEX Remix)

Situationally speaking, we’ve all been there. Finding ourselves in uncomfortable positions followed by a reassurance that —in the end— we’ll be OK. The not so good reality about that is that sometimes it’s more wishful thinking than an actual foreshadowing with any degree of certainty of a desired outcome. We’ve been yearning the balearic sea […]

Gil Scott Heron – Home Is Where The Hatred Is

What is it about funk music that gets me going? Is it the mixture of soul and R&B? Smooth vocals? Or could it possibly be the long train runnin’ kind of musical beat? I’ve always associated the sounds of funk with the movement of trains; the sounds keep chugging along down the track. They don’t […]

Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Mayer Hawthorne Cover)

  One of the standout tracks —if that’s even possible when most if not all of the songs in the album are amazing— in Chromeo’s Business Casual is When The Night Falls. And if this track’s original version wasn’t good enough Mayer Hawthorne gives us his amazing version as a gift and part of the […]