Music Remixes

Lemaitre – Wait (Jerry Folk Remix)

Jerry Folk funks up Lemaitre’s electronic-centric track, “Wait” in the best possible way. Both artists originate from Oslo, Norway, which has produced such acts as Lido and Cashmere Cat. There’s a lot of talent up there! In this mix, Jerry has completely reworked the song by adding groove-able bass and synth, while at the same time keeping just enough of the lyrics intact. He emphasizes a nu-disco style that is easy to vibe to.

Just groove with me. Don’t forget I don’t want to see you fade away.

Waiting seems impossible in today’s society. Instant gratification doesn’t come quickly enough! Have a question? Google has the answer right now. Want a package tomorrow? Pay a little extra and you’ll have it. And what’s this drone business? We will be receiving packages in minutes in the not-so-distant-future! With answers and fulfillments to our needs so accessible, it’s difficult to be content with the things out of our control- the things that require patience. Anticipation is good though. I tend to enjoy things more if anticipation leads me to the final result. The excitement of the build oftentimes adds pleasure to my experience. Think about it: instant gratification is easy, but is it the most fulfilling option? Sometimes, yes. Cravings are best fulfilled on the spot; but what about long-term gratification? Relationships, holidays, getting into college, getting a response to a letter? It’s in these situations where we have to exercise patience. If you ask yourself what the rush is, you’ll often come to find there isn’t one! So sit back and chill, and try not to worry about things out of your control. Try to let go of that 21st-century psyche that’s telling you to you need to know. Now. 


Lemaitre – Wait (Jerry Folk Remix)


Nao vs. A. K. Paul – So Good

I hope you’re feeling funky today.. that good kind of funk. I’ll take my funk in music as well as in beer. Yes, beer. Did you know- in Belgian sour beers, many Brew Masters intentionally input infections into their aging beer? This produces the “funk” much loved by myself. Go try one for yourself! This is fresh on my mind because I just tried an interesting beer called “Love Child No. 4”. It’s by-far the funkiest beer to touch my lips. Of course I went back for seconds!

Anyway, back to the music. Nao is a British soul singer from the East London Borough of Hackney. She partnered up with A.K. Paul for this fresh track. I scoured the internet for information on A.K., but the majority of sources reference him as “Jai Paul’s Brother”. Hopefully with the release of songs as catchy as “So Good”, he’ll become more distinguishable by name. He has done production work with Big Boi and Jesse Ware, among others, and seems to be shaking things up. Nao is brand new on the scene.

From steel drum-esque sounds to harmonious soulful vocals, this song is a work of art the whole way through.

Nao vs. A.K Paul – So Good


EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Minoru Amino – Hyperbolism

Minoru Amino

Funky. Psychedelic. Retro. These are a few of the words that come to mind when listening to Minoru Amino’s music. A traditionally trained guitarist in his native Japan, Minoru was initially influenced by the guitar god Jimmy Page. Later, as his tastes matured, he became infatuated with fusion and jazz.

Minoru Amino – “Hyperbolism”

In his track “Hyperbolism”, you can hear the push and pull of the more visceral Led Zeppelin rhythmic concept with the aural and musical complexities of fusion. When Minoru’s earlier influences are then further combined with the synth tradition of
EDM, the effect is immediate. It’s impossible to sit still.

Check out more of Minoru’s music on Soundcloud.