Pharrell – Gust of Wind ft. Daft Punk (Autograf remix)


Future Summer is here– courtesy of Autograf, a rising group of Chicago-based producers who are killin’ it these days with their future-house-glitchy-space-bass thunder. This track is the first installment in their new free download series: each month they are taking a song they’re really feeling at the moment and giving it the “Future House, summer-inspired remix treatment”. Remix treatment, I like the sound of that.

It starts off low key with zenned-out summer vibes, but in truth this track is a solid venture through disco-land. Ethereal builds and textured synths transport you to a space of robotic-rhythmic bliss. Glitchy grooves and distorted vocals make this track a stunner… for summer. Definitely looking forward to future installments.

These guys first grabbed my attention with their spectacular footwork rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Grapevine” Space vibes, deep grooves, and retro airs (ie: the ultimate musical turn-on’s) drifting amidst solid footwork foundation. Somewhat mysterious and certainly audacious, Autograf embodies the art of production Wizardry at its finest.

Delving into the spirit of exploration while remaining true to the melodic and harmonic potential of the original song is something these wizards do quite well. Staying true to the vibe of the original is key when building upon others’ creative work; tuning into the underlying current of a song and attending to details helps bring to light the idiosyncrasies that make the original song so great. Reveling in and channeling the magic across experimental landscapes and novel frameworks—- that is the mark of Timeless Innovation. Which is the ultimate when it comes to the future here and now.

Pharrell – Gust of Wind ft. Daft Punk (Autograf remix)