G.O.V. – Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)

As usual I was completely destroyed after our party so excuse the no post yesterday. The Le Souk Noctambule was a huge success, I think we had over 400 people partying, fresh. Thanks to everyone that came out, I hope you had a blast. There will be more very soon…

And ’em back to the lecture at hand…” – Snoop Dogg

G.O.V. stopped by my apt last night with some new music and he played me his remix of Cross The Dancefloor and I instantly fell in love. His verse is basically about two people who choose to dance and enjoy themselves over everything, I like that attitude. You ever see someone at a party get accidently pushed or something and then they’re all pissed off and mad for the rest of the night? I really feel sorry for people who have such easy triggers. The funny thing is that that person will go ahead and say his night was ruined by the guy who pushed him but the truth is that by making the choice to get mad and even worse stay mad, he or she ruined their own night. Moral of the story is don’t give yourself a headache over little things and make the concious choice to never let anyone ruin your day, night, week, month or life. They won’t like your enlightment and perspective but that’s what haters do…

They gonna be hatin’, throwing yellow flags, excessive celebrating But they don’t understand that your leg just wont stop shaking and you know I ain’t fakin… – G.O.V.

Now that the parties over we’re back in business so I can’t stay and chat but let G.O.V. get you ready for the weekend in style. This is an EMPT exclusive, enjoy.

G.O.V. – Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)


Sebastien Tellier – Look

G.O.V. has a controversial taboo-shattering song called Seventeen in which he talks about a risqué relationship he had with a young lolita and the awkwardness it caused in his life. He recently performed that song at a showcase all I could do is laugh to myself when I saw the shock in peoples faces when he sung the chorus…

And baby I do promise 52 weeks it’s me and you as co-co pilots chasing the galaxy.
We’re so environmental smokin’ the finest green,
I shouldn’t be around you, you’re only Seventeen.”

I thought that was controversial until I found out that Serge Gainsbourg did an entire concept album in 1971 called Histoire de Melody Nelson about an affair he had with a lolita-esque female, I love it I mean that’s messed up man! Sex sells because it’s a beautiful thing and quite simply we’re all horny bastards. However, it’s rare to have sexually themed music that also offers high levels of sophistication and artistic quality. Histoire de Melody Nelson is that rare find, I highly recommend it.  That brings me to the modern incarnation of Serge, Sebastien Tellier and his bachelor pad classic Sexuality. His record label recently released a video for Look which is pretty much a close up of a girls tooshie for approximately 4 minutes, nothing wrong with that. I like this guy Tellier, I like the way he thinks…

“In my own sexual fantasies I always think about women in sportswear. I like women in sports pants and prefer peeling them off women to lifting up their skirts.”

If you’re a guy or girl in a relationship reading this take notes, if you have a fantasy stop holding it in your head and do it. A lot of people in relationships and separate fantasy from reality and then wonder why things get boring.

Ni$&as sour, they put too much flour in they coke and got the nerve to wonder why they broke.” – Nas (The Set Up, 1996)

Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot wrote a song in 2000 with a very profound message, one many people over looked because of it’s misleading simplicity. It is a message that will enhance your sexual adventures tenfold and inspire you to make your fantasies a reality and in turn live a happier and more fulfilling sex life, that message is… Get Your Freak On, enjoy.

Sebastian Tellier – Look


Ratatat – The Remixes (G.O.V., Missy & Kanye)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, Skidmore is on the rise. With Micah Sloat getting his huge break in Paranormal Activity and Ratatat placing two songs on Kid CuDi’s debut I’d say we’re doing pretty good. So what better time to feature some Skidmore music on EMPT.? On top of that G.O.V. sent me a remix he did of Wildcat in which if I understand correctly he’s talking about all the girls he meets during happy hour at Benihanas, nice. I’ve always been one to appreciate all the work girls put into their fashion, especially the girls who manage to still look sexy wearing work clothes. It really does make for a much pleasant day for all of us so thank you pretty young things, it’s appreciated here on EMPT.

“I’m feeling nice like a saint right now & her work skirt fitting like paint right now.”

I thought I was the only one into these minor details but I guess I’m not alone. Seriously though, who writes a song about girls during happy hour? Apparently G.O.V. does. How it came about? I have no idea but I like it. Anyways, here’s the G.O.V.’s remix of Wildcat and some other Ratatat hip hop remixes I’m particularly fond of, enjoy.

Kanye West  – Get ‘Em High (Ratatat Remix)

Missy Elliot – Wake Up (Ratatat Remix)

Ratatat – Wildcat (Feat. G.O.V.)

Music Remixes

G.O.V. – Forever (Produit par Hemingway)

First of all, this song is sick. G.O.V. is one of my favorite unsigned artist for many reasons but mainly because we share a peculiar and idiosyncratic perspective when it comes to love and girls. Forever is an extremely feel good and sarcastic song that represents the ever so complicated ups and downs of love, courtship and dating.

Everyone that’s dated knows how bad that game can be, which makes you value the people you genuinely hit it off with that much more. I’m not one to give in to a girl I don’t really like but when I hit it it off, which pretty much never happens, you know I’ll be doing my part to make sure the girl is always feeling good and that the give and take in the relationship is completely mutual. G.O.V. couldn’t put my light hearted approach to love better…

I’ll take you to the park, play fetch with you and your dog or you and your kid, whatever it is, I’m there till the end… of the song in my heart and a new one begins…”

I think if you take love too serious you won’t have a good time, and that’s a bore. It doesn’t mean don’t value what you have but don’t make it boring or ever let go of the thrill. Girls want to have fun, feel wanted, feel good and they also like guys that are committed but they don’t want to feel held down or like they’re giving up their independence. That’s what this song is about, enjoy.

I had a couple that was cool but none of them was quite like you so I repay you with them favors baby you know what I do… to you…”

G.O.V. – Forever (Produit par Hemingway)




P.S. So the producer of this track, Hemingway posted in our comments. The official news is that this is a bad-ass unauthorized/unclassifiable song that’s picking up buzz in the blogosphere. Fresh.


Tenacious D – Dude (I Totally Miss You) (Feat. G.O.V)

Ok so it’s hard to take anything Jack Black says serious and the original version of this song is certainly no exception to the rule. The G.O.V. version on the other hand adds an entirely new realistic dimension to an otherwise satirical song. His verse is about that post break-up boredom one experiences after sharing so much with your significant other.

Ok I’m an asshole, you ain’t never lie. I been lying so let me testify, that I miss you. I can’t find shit to do…”

There’s something so appealing about simple honesty, in my opinion it makes for the best lyrics in music. You can find this type of writing all over Lykee Li’s Youth Novels, Peter Bjorn & John’s Writer’s Block and countless other introspective records. There’s no place for insecurities in love so when I hear an artist express that understanding I get addicted to the feeling. What can you say about a song that speaks itself, not much. Here’s the latest G.O.V., exclusively on EMPT, enjoy. Download.

Tenacious D – Dude (I Totally Miss You) (Feat. G.O.V.)

MP3: Download

Music Remixes

G.O.V. – I’m In NY Bitch (Reprise de LMFAO)


I saw LMFAO at Hudson Terrace a few weeks ago and let me just say that I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my day but never have I seen an act bring out the pretty girls quite like these guys. I hadn’t seen a such concentration of P.Y.T.’s since my freshman year of college, it was amazing. I can’t say I understand this phenomenon but LMFAO is as simple and fun as music gets so that should give us a clue or two.

Anyways, the musical highlight of the show was of course the performance of their goofy but extremely entertaining hit single I’m In Miami Bitch, which they appropriately dubbed I’m In NY Bitch for the occasion and in turn made the girls lose control, get on stage, down a bottle of vodka and go wild – pure debauchery. Experiencing that reminded me of a remix I heard a while back by Harlem, NYC artist G.O.V. In this version the instrumental is remade with some added flare, the lyrics pay homage to the big apple and are delivered with that gritty NYC sound we’ve all been dying to hear alongside modern production. It’s that point that draws me to this remix the most, the fact that G.O.V., an NY artist, is able to disregard all the limitations and stereotypes associated with the city but still stay true to it’s essence. Here’s a valuable lesson for all you modern music hating quarter-waters. Great remix from a new artist to look out for, enjoy. Download.

LMFAO – Im in Miami Bitch!

G.O.V. – I’m In NY Bitch! (Reprise de LMFAO)