Electric Tickle Machine – Women Are The New Men

“Women Are The New Men” is my personal favorite from these guys. I heard this back when it was just a demo tape recorded in a Brooklyn sandbox but the song has only gotten better with the new production and recording. This songs lyrics are so good for so many reasons that they’ve inspired a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time now:

All of my friends say women are the new men.
She goes to work, I sleep till noon and then…
I went to school; I learned all my state capitols.
I don’t get girls, I get stoned.”

Electric Tickle Machine – Women Are The New Men (Feat. Mared Lenny)


I have a few frustrated girl friends that will tell you just how real this song really is, and I agree. A lot of guys are frustrated because girls are pressuring them to step it up and girls are frustrated because guys can’t keep up. If you ask me they’re both wrong. I place little importance on keeping up with anyone because that’s not what personal growth and independence are about. I also think a lot of women and men value the wrong things in their 20s only realize to realize it in their 30s. Furthermore, the term Women Are The New Men is one I think people take way too literal, to me its metaphor for me that has great implications insinuating a world where men and women are truly more equal in ways far beyond the pocket books.