Generationals – Making Time


I cannot figure out why we are all so busy when we keep getting more technology and better drugs that are supposed to make us more efficient.

Arguably, we are now doing much more in the same 1,440 minutes everyone has had all along. That is one thing you can never complain about. Some people have less things to do, some people may seem like they got a head start, but we all got 1,440 minutes per day to do it in.

Life is currently swelling and coming in and I feel like I am either beached or drowning in the current. I met a stranger in a bar and we were swopping stories and they had the best stories. I love stranger’s stories, it is amazing what people say in a bar when they know you are not going to exchange numbers, it is all about just enjoying being around somebody else. But you always feel alittle inadequate when you hear what other people do. Big stories in amazing places. But there is already alot to do, and trying to see it all is already on the list.

On the walk home I was going through the list of things that were past due only by a deadline in my mind. But there is never enough time. And I realised I have not done something to that I really just loved to do in a while. With the added pressure of the world seeing what you are doing, and the socials media and whatnot, we are constantly curating a life that we are proud to show others. However true it is or however happy/overwhelmed/exhausted/bored/anxious it really makes us. What you can be sure is the only thing you would “share” is that second you looked happy and time was on your side.

I look forward to the day someone invents more time. I feel like a common question at the end of the night always is “what would you do if you didn’t have to sleep?” Learn a language, build something, read every book. If those are the passions we have and what we would spend our waking hours doing, there should be a shift to add more of them in life. Wouldn’t that be a “selfie” worth taking?


This song comes from the Wes Anderson tribute album “I Saved Latin!”, and is a cover of the classic from The Creation.The cover is a more gritty version of the original with recordings overlaid and a heavy guitar that makes you want to put your leather jacket on and get loose.

Generationals – Making Time


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Decembre

I live in a very music oriented world, a world which doesn’t necessarily require looking at the calendar too often. It is for this very reason that I heavily rely on the new installment of Le Miel du Mois to usher in a new month and keep me grounded. Yesterday however, Steph was so caught up that she couldn’t send me the song list and my whole equilibrium was immediately thrown off. I went into a weird time warp between November and December, time froze and needless to say there was no new mixtape to help me get through it.

Today, I woke up with an email containing the song list and I realized that if I wanted things to back to normal I had to quickly get to work. I labored tirelessly, obsessing over every detail during transitions, listening to every song over and over until I had the tape was ready for posting. As I expected, once the mixtape was complete everything came back to normal and the month of December was officially allowed to start and might I add, in style.

Once again, Steph nailed it to perfection. There’s enough flavors, moods, feelings and vibes to get you through anything that could possibly happen in the weeks leading up to the new year. Le Miel du Mois is officially therapy for the music lover – enjoy.

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Generationals – Trust
  2. The Legends – Air
  3. Teen Daze – Let’s Fall Asleep
  4. Candy Claws – Lantern Fish
  5. High Highs – Open Season
  6. Stephen Farris – Alphabet Soup
  7. Chappo – Come Home
  8. Young Magic – You With Air
  9. Glass Vaults – New Space
  10. Sad Souls – Wash of Cold River
  11. Headless Horseman – Sh8kr
  12. Vanity Theft – Anatomy (Houses Remix)
  13. Of Oceans – In Love, Not Limbo
  14. The Microphones – Headless Horseman

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