Emily King – Georgia

Last night I went on one of the most exhilarating runs of my life. I made sure to begin my run just as the clouds opened up from the torrential storm disaster of before, because I knew the weather would no longer be 100 degrees and hailing. It just so happened that because of the post-weather feel, my entire mind was empty. It was like the temperature was the most ideal for running fast and far. It’s so funny because as I sat in my office earlier in the evening, I realized that I was completely helpless to nature with my sheer white shirt and black bra. I was afraid to step foot outside not only because of the clothing malfunction that would ensue, but because it was actually hailing massive pieces of ice. The world as I knew it, looked like it was ending.

At one point I actually thought, what if this wasn’t going to end? I mean, I knew it would end, but what if it just didn’t? What if we had no certainty to the end of weather disasters?

And of course the rain stopped almost exactly after the thought. I stepped outside the elevator on the lobby floor to find chaos, as my building had quite literally experienced the falsest of fire alarms. Everyone seemed to be in the lobby alongside a gaggle of firemen analyzing and poking at what seemed to be an alarm control unit. As I stepped foot outside, people were running like crazies with umbrellas, without umbrellas, slipping, laughing, and yelling like monkeys. I actually thought I had arrived in the midst of the apocalypse. It was all happening before my eyes. I couldn’t even believe people were still freaking out, now that the hail had stopped. Yes, I understood that the temperature had gone up to one hundred degrees outside in the middle of hail, but seriously? Step aside for mother nature ya’ll.

Anyways, as I entered the subway, I took my headphones out from the plastic safety bags that I had wrapped around all the electronics in my backpack. The first song I played was this one, and it was as though the clouds had drifted over my head within the actual subway itself, only to part ways and let the sunshine in. In the midst of the dingy uptown F train, I was in bliss. I wasn’t thinking about the rats that were running nearby my feet, or the sounds of water pouring from nowhere in the ceiling. I just thought about Georgia and Georgia’s heart. And much like my run that came later in the evening, nothing went through my head. Just lyrics and the heartbreaking sounds of Emily King’s voice.

I was not ready,

The day you gave me your heart

I was still falling apart

But since that moment

I can’t stop hearing your name

Wondering about you, always.”

I found out that the beautiful New York City native has been nominated for a Grammy, and has already released two EPs. Her voice has been perfected over the past eight years, and I can’t be happier about the result of her talent.

I hope you guys enjoy this track and experience the musical enlightenment that I have via this lovely post-apocalyptic track. Have a lovely Thursday!

Emily King – Georgia