Peter Bjorn And John – Let’s Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)

I was working on mix and I came across this oldie but goodie which reminded me just how good Peter Bjorn and John’s third LP is. Writer’s Block was released in 2006 but sound like it could be coming out next year. The sound is timeless, the songs are real and the production is first-class. Lyrically, the album explores the many aspects of dating and relationships and Let’s Call It Off is no exception.

When you decided to knock on my door
Did you remember what happened before?
It just didn’t sparkle, it just didn’t glow
Some things look better inside of the store…”

The song is about a love interest that initially looked promising but turned out to be a total bust and instead of forcing the issue they decide to call it quits. So in a sense it’s like they’re breaking up after like a one-night stand or something, I like it. Not wasting mine or anyone eles’s time is one of my top priorities so I have a special affection for this type of thinking…

Get in, get out. That’s an O.G.’s classic.”

While Jay was talking about drug dealing when he said that, I’ve taken that line and made my own by applying it to pretty much everything. Be fully in the moment and give things their due diligence but if it isn’t right don’t hesitate to be Swayze. The fastest way to get what you want is to keep it moving, enjoy.

Peter Bjorn And John – Let’s Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)