Birdee – Give Into Love (Feat. Chloe Amber)

From the rumbling bass line that sounds like a cousin of the “Another One Bites The Dust” bass line, to the dramatic synth stabs, to the sultry vocal – Birdee’s beautiful “Give Into Love” has all the makings of a nu-disco classic. Every sound and even the placement of each sound recalls the best elements of late 70’s disco music. You truly could throw this record in a mix with 20 other disco-funk smashes from 40 years ago and it would fit right in. It really makes you wonder how the hell there was such a backlash against disco 35 years ago. This was considered cheesy and silly after being the biggest thing in music for a few short years. Now you listen to disco classics and they sound and feel 20x smarter than any generic pop song from the 2000’s.

And “Give Into Love” isn’t just an ode to the classics. It carries with it modern EDM arrangement and sensibilities, resulting in a super refreshing eight minute journey through electronic music. Sure, it’s all broadcast through a disco filter, but you can clearly see Birdee’s understanding of way more than just disco and funk. It’s full of heart and soul and makes me want to take my aging, boring ass out for a little old school fun. Something about the way this track begins carries with it the same feeling of promise you have right before a big night out. When everything has aligned – your best friend is in from out of town, the girl you think about 88% of the day actually texted you FIRST and asked what your plan was for the night. And you actually have something to invite her to! The sheer excitement that comes from endless possibility on a night like that is captured well here by Birdee. His whole EP carries all the same vibes as well, highly recommended!

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