Guster – Satellite (JordanXL Remix)

Waaaay back when the original version of “Satellite” came out, I wasn’t listening to too much rock music at the time, but I really liked it. Something about the punchy drums and the soulful groove gave it a lot more flavor that most indie-rock songs at the time. That trippy little synth break made me wish it were a dance song, and now 10 years later, voila! It’s been turned into a dance track. See, you always get what you want, even if you have to wait a decade!

Producer JordanXL – who normally works behind the scenes with a variety of A-list artists – picked a good song and a good time to bust out of the studio and into the hearts of bloggers and music fans. The arrangement and tempo brings new life to the soaring vocals, and the drop is satisfying, fun and quick, not overstaying it’s welcome at all. It has a little Diplo vibe, in a great way, but has enough unpredictable elements that after a few listens you forget it’s a remix. And when that happens you know you’re not dealing with the typical “mail-it-in-economy-class” remix, but something that actually becomes a worthy companion to an already worthy original. It’s sounds surprisingly natural, and makes me want to hear a whole bunch of other indie rock classics from the early/mid 2000’s remixed with a modern electronic flair. That could and should be a thing. Keep em coming Jordan!

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