The Preatures – Is This How You Feel?


Do you ever put on a song and immediately start jigging? That’s how it is when I press play on The Preatures’ “Is This How You Feel?”. The bass & guitar mesh well together in a Fleetwood Mac-esque sound. The male singer, Gideon, has a verse sandwiched between lead female vocalist Isabella’s, who takes the spotlight throughout the song. The pair balance really well together; she slides her way back into the verse seamlessly. I hardly noticed her takeover until writing this post!

The content of this song is simple.. we’ve all been there. Liking someone and being in the dark about how they feel toward you. Part of the mystery is fun, but the unknown brings on an uneasy feeling- a feeling of something that needs to burst open. Hey how about you sing this song to your crush and see how she/he reacts? Joking of course, but how about you take the plunge and just ASK!

Shake it right tonight”

The sound of the Australian band sounds rather like a pop tribute to the 70’s scenario of dance house-based compositions. Along with Fleetwood Mac, their sound is very reminiscent of HAIM, so if you’re into singing along to something upbeat, you’ll take a liking to this track. As a child who grew up with music-centric parents, I can definitely empathize with the sound of this track. Might you?

The band’s style varies tremendously song-by-song. You’ll notice this on their EP titled “Is This How You Feel”, released back in 2013. Also be sure to check out their latest album: “Blue Planet Eyes”.

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Haim – My Song 5

I’ll be up, going through crazy shit I did for you
In my mind, in my head, seeing all the words unsaid

After all the words are said, when everything dies down — the calm after the storm — what are we left with? Our thoughts are just left to fester. We’ve all been there, sitting, replaying in our minds what could have been said; the perfect composition is too often belated. Regardless, the best thing to do after a bad situation is to be proactive. Perhaps write a badass song about it! That’s what the Haim sisters did, and the outcome is glorious. The lyrics of “My Song 5” suggest heartbreak over lies and mistrust, and when sung, offer a strong, retaliative message of independence.

“My Song 5” is an enigmatic outlier amongst the array of energetic tracks on Haim’s “Days Are Gone”. I’m immediately entrapped by the sharp, somber beats, strong female vocals, and yet there’s something else. Maybe it’s the deep tuba that’s really got me absorbed. The trio work extremely well togheter, especially on stage. What really sparked my devotion to their music was seeing them live. Twice wasn’t enough; both performances merely left me yearning for more. I was left speechless and shaking my head in disbelief of their talent. If you have the chance to see them, for goodness sake, take it!! These sisters are doing something right. With influences by Fleetwood Mac, Motown, and 90’s R&B, their unique sound will have you hooked.

I’ve been lied to.
So what’s the truth?

I’m going to tell you the truth.. Haim is a band you won’t regret making time for. They’re on tour now, so go get your ticket! Bring a friend or go alone, but you’ll probably be so engrossed in their essence it’ll feel like only you four in the room.

Haim – My Song 5


EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Aout 2013 (Mini-Mix Series)

I forget how much magic is in LMDM. When we first started these tapes the first of the month always had a way of putting things in perspective and pushing the momentum.

And everything is on profit, and anything is an option…” -FRXXMASONS

That’s how I’m feeling going into the second day of our 4 day LMDM Mini-Mix release. Money is basic, it’s literally fake and has no meaning whatsoever so when I speak about profit let’s be clear, it’s a metaphor for all you basic bitches out there. Ask yourself, what are you getting for the amount of time you put into something? Though basic, analyzing such a thing isn’t so easy because fear leads us into relationships, jobs and situations that hurt us more than they help and the truth gets blurred in the process. Instead of embracing the flow of life we fight it and what should be a rewarding learning experience or opportunity for growth becomes a loss. The truth is everything has an upside and armed with the correct mindset, creativity and resourcefulness everything truly is on profit.

That’s the vibe I get from the LMDM Aout Mini-Mix, everything is on the up. EMPT was born from that energy and that’s what’s going to keep us ahead in the Space Age. I was just reminiscing with CP’13 about Noctambule and all the great things that happened so early in this sites life. It was all organic, all manifesting out of pure energy, love and excitement. When that’s there you don’t really have to try hard. Energy is more powerful than anything, vibe and true substance can do more than a marketing plan that’s why it’s better to be true and do things

With way less effort,
‘Cause when you try hard, That’s when you die hard…” – Kanye West

We’ve tried many things in the last couple of years and I can’t say it’s all been successful but it’s time to cut the losses and get back to that energy. Few things speak the true nature of EMPT like LMDM so it’s great and I love what this Mini-Mix series is doing reignite that fire, enjoy.


  1. Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore
  2. Oh Sailor – Mr. Little Jeans (Strange Talk Remix)
  3. Chrome Sparks – Marijuana
  4. Haim – Falling (Duke Dumont Remix)
  5. Kali Uchis – What They Say
  6. Mama Kin – Rescue



HAIM – The Wire


There’s so much good summer music flying around right now that it can be hard to keep up, but I’ll always make time to check out a new track from HAIM. I’ve been a fan of the LA sister trio since catching them at POPSHOP018 last year in NYC. I’d never heard of them, but the crowd was buzzing with anticipation, and by the middle of the first song, the anticipation had turned fully to joy, and I was swept up. Individually, they’ve each got charisma and energy to spare, and collectively, I saw a confidence and a unity among the three of them that quickly drew me in. (I guess growing up together will give you that. It can be easy to forget that a lot of bands don’t really know each other, despite the hours and hours they spend together.) But I became a true convert somewhere around the time Danielle ripped into the dirty, bluesy guitar solo halfway through “Let Me Go.

A childhood spent listening to their parents’ collection of 70s LPs in the San Fernando Valley gave HAIM a Fleetwood Mac-jams-with-Led Zeppelin-at-a-SoCal-beach-bonfire vibe. There’s something old-fashioned about their music, but not in a retro or nostalgic way; maybe “timeless” is a better word for it. A lot of the elements they incorporate into their songs – strong harmonies, great guitar parts, simple verse/chorus song structures, tried-and-true chord changes, handclaps (can never have too many handclaps), lyrics about love and heartbreak – have been around forever because they never get old. The three sisters’ affection for the music of the past doesn’t cloud their youthful energy; I think it enhances it, makes it more nuanced. To me, HAIM is the perfect musical embodiment of the young person/old soul archetype.

So, the song: it’s called “The Wire,” it’s been kicking around as a demo and in HAIM’s live sets for a while, and it’s great. Bouncy, upbeat, propelled by a smooth bassline, anchored by a simple, driving kick/snare rhythm, and wrapped around a catchy little repeating phrase: “I know, I know, I know, I know/that you’re gonna be OK anyway.” The lyrics describe a relationship gone sour, but the music suggests that the protagonist is moving on, rather than wallowing in self-pity or moping around. It swings breezily through its verses and soars up into prime sing-along territory in the choruses – a perfect summer song. HAIM finally announced that their debut LP will be out on September 23, and I can’t wait.

HAIM – The Wire


Governors Ball

So despite the rain and mud struggles, I braved two of the three days at Governors Ball this weekend. I should have gone on Sunday, but my body just couldn’t do it. Instead of seeing Kanye, Beirut, HAIM, and all the other Sunday acts, I took a personal day of relaxation and zen. Much needed, and definitely no regrets, although I’m sure all those performers were fantastic. As for Friday and Saturday, well. It was definitely interesting. A super fun experience to have since I’ve never been to a totally muddy and grimy music festival, and it led me to believe that it’s an experience that everyone should have, especially in their twenties. Yes, it’s difficult to dance and get stoked about the music when you’re struggling with standing on two feet without slipping, but there’s a certain romantic quality in all of the mess. And I have to admit, any time I felt slightly overwhelmed by the intensity of the people or the ankle deep sludge, my friend and I escaped to the silent disco tent.

If you’ve never participated in a silent disco, make it your summer goal. They’re accessible, I’m sure at most music festivals in the city nowadays, and you will have so much fun. For all you Mister Sunday lovers, think of the crowd and general good vibes of a Mister Sunday party. Now just imagine that with noise canceling Sennheiser wireless headphones, surrounded by strangers and friends all losing it to the same music being played live by a DJ. I was impressed and totally in the zone. I had a silly/stupid moment the first time I participated in one last summer, when I realized that everyone was hearing the same music. D’oh. Favorite highlight: the two dudes dressed as referees who entered to an automatically parted crowd, warranting a male stripper-esque impromptu dance-off. As if I wasn’t already in love, the DJs who performed on each day were incredible. I can only imagine that it was as fun for them as it was for us.

As for the artists themselves, from what I was able to see, Kendrick Lamar was a definite favorite. As was Azealia Banks and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. But Kendrick Lamar impressed me so much because I’ve seen live hip-hop at festivals before and sometimes it’s disappointing. But I was the furthest from disappointed with Kendrick’s obvious love and appreciation for the New York crowd. That made me really happy, because if I were an artist, expressing my love for my fans would be just as important as producing quality work. My only wish was that he performed my favorite song, The Recipe, which he did not. He did, however, perform Poetic Justice, which is my favorite song, so I guess it broke even. Nonetheless, The Recipe can be found below for your listening pleasure.

Again, I’m sad that I couldn’t see HAIM on Sunday, but I was just too tired and wiped out from the previous two days of trekking. Despite all of that, I was pleased with the overall Governors Ball experience, and definitely look forward to what it has to offer in the upcoming years.

Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe (feat. Dr. Dre)

*BONUS* Just because. These ladies always deserve listening to.

HAIM – Better Off

Music Remixes

HAIM – Falling (Psychemagik Remix)

I’ve descended deep into this spiral of something I’m still trying to understand. It’s that feeling that you’re going somewhere but not entirely sure where just yet, but you know that it’s going to be okay. I’ve got full blown allergies making my nose an unstoppable force of terror and anguish, so that is making everything far more intense than it actually is. Here’s a stab at what I’m dealing with. The past is a truly frightening thing when you choose to dwell on it for too long. It’s frightening, but it’s not bad. You only move forward because of the times that you are busy enough to allow yourself the moments of procrastination, which lead to your dwelling on things that don’t occur right now in front of you. So you rewind, hammering away at pieces of your past that you’ve stashed away, the kind of things that hurt but you take some kind of guilty pleasure in returning to them. They’re not ideal memories, but you fall into them because most of the time your brain knows you need to return to them.

Well, that entire idea that I’ve just talked about, is my thesis. Everything about it. It drives me nuts, and I’m sure I’m not unique in saying that. I love it because it’s a part of my heart and a part of my past, but nothing about it is pleasant and it most certainly is not something I ever imagined myself dwelling on for this long. But the incredible thing about it, is that I know at the end of this whole process, I’ll have grown. It’s like getting a kitten (surprise, I got one of those, too) and loving it for its tiny size and adorable thumbs (yes, I have a Hemingway kitty), but knowing for sure that it will absolutely grow up into an awesome and magnificent larger creature. For whatever reason, you won’t see it happen because you’ll be too busy taking care of it, but everyone else who comes in and out of your life will see it and gape in awe at its size and how much it’s grown since the last time they saw it.

That’s how I hope things will be. For both me, and my kitty. Hopefully we’ll both grow up to be really big and awesome, without falling too many times along the way. But I guess that has something to do with this remix? Right? Can we just say that falling is inevitable and that maybe, just maybe, we can all learn how to fall gracefully? Glide with style, if I may? Okay Toy Story references are out of the bag, which means it’s my cue to go ahead and let you guys enjoy this one before I say much else. I am in fact a lover of all things HAIM, and I can’t help but feel like this psychedelic remix is bound to get you falling out of whatever slump you’re in and into a productive and healthy mind space. Which was exactly what I needed today. The funky is turned up a notch here, and it almost matches that indescribable feeling I was trying to convey at the very beginning of this post. This song exists in an in-between dimension, and it excites me.

Cheers y’all.

HAIM – Falling (Psychemagik Remix)


HAIM – Falling (Duke Dumont Remix)

HAIM the must see artists at SXSW 2013 announced by Fuze TV.  I mean damn, I was at SXSW during 2012 and now these girls are heatin’ up big time!  I am always floored by the resemblance these girls have to Fleetwood Mac, I absolutely love it, but of course they have their own unique thing going on from their lyrics, vocals, and knowledge of the craft.  Oh no, this ain’t no silly little all girl pop band getting everything delivered to them.  These girls have a style all their own that is so mature for how young they are, it’s definitely an undeniable confidence and comfortability in their own skin.  Which brings me to what is on my mind:

You ever been really close to someone, shared experiences with that person good and bad, whether it’s a friend, family member or lover, and they turn around blame you for every little thing in their life, call you a liar, metaphorically spit in your face?  You feel really bad at first, especially if this is someone you would do anything for, and you question yourself like maybe I am this horrible devil that they are making me out to be.  Now hopefully you aren’t this lying horrible sack of you know what, that they are making you out to be.  So the light bulb finally goes off in your head because you are strong and confident and you know who you are, you know your truth.  You realize that this person you care about is probably harboring a lot of anger, insecurity, and most likely some lies of their own that they are fighting and delivering onto you.  Sometimes the mind is capable of turning anger and negativity into twisted perceptions.  Therapy 101, HA, your welcome!  But for real, this song and the girls of HAIM are a reminder for me at least to be comfortable with my beliefs and my truth, ‘don’t stop’, keep pushing, and never let anyone tell you who you are, because being confident and knowing your great gets you so far in so many different ways.  There are always going to be people trying to push you down and telling you who you are and who you are suppose to be.  F@*k em!

And they’re calling, 
Don’t stop, no, I’ll never give up
And I’ll never look up, just hold your head up
And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough
They keep saying:
Don’t stop, no one’s ever enough
I’ll never look up, never give up
And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough
But now falling, falling, falling
Falling, falling, falling, falling
Falling, falling, falling, falling.”

Duke Dumont never seizes to amaze me.  Never taking away from the original he gives this already lovely and uplifting track just the right progression and sound to make it dance and kick just a little extra for a perfect weekend track.  So since the original can stand on its own just fine I am throwing in the video for a double dose of what is starting to become one of my favorite bands.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, much love!

HAIM – Falling (Duke Dumont Remix)


HAIM – Send Me Down

These ladies are easily one of my favorite bands to emerge in 2012. Their ability to channel Fleetwood Mac while remaining present in the sounds of today is something I love. This song in particular has a feeling to it that I can describe all to well. It’s the same with much of their music, something that I am very aware of and will take every opportunity to praise — they possess a consistent character and personality. While three girls in a band could easily pass as poppy and bubbly, these ladies provide punch. With every song I’ve heard from them, attitude and spunk is apparent, as is with this track.

Like a game, love 
Only played in the wind.”

I listened to this song on my bike ride today, in an attempt to prevail against Winter and the wind. I’ve been terrified of going outside for any sort of exercise, channeling all my energy to the gym for the past few weeks. But today, it’s forty degrees outside and the sun is shining on the east coast. With this song and a smile, I know things are good.

Love this like I do, and seize the day!

HAIM – Send Me Down


La Fine Équipe – Tourment d’Amour (feat. Saneyes)

A constant reminder of what we have is perfectly fine, as long as that reminder is acknowledged in a way of praise. Whether it’s in an inward or outward manner, sometimes being thankful is less expressive and more loving unto oneself. That’s something that I’ve learned a lot about within the last month. Today is a day where we celebrate our place in life, and in an attempt to remain present, we surround ourselves with people who force us to do so. This is a beautiful thing.

Last night I found out that another friend and serious force of talent passed away from this life. In shock, I tried to rationalize my emotions as I always tend to after a death, but became so overwhelmed that I could do nothing but listen to music. While we were more distant and separated by many miles at any given point, his music and soul had touched my life in a very serious way when we were in the same city, especially.

Earlier last night, a friend sent me one of my favorite songs, one that I wrote about on here close to a month ago — HAIM – Don’t Save Me. Unsuspecting, I told her about how this song had been one of my favorites because, although it’s not about death necessarily, it helped me get through the death of my friend with it’s power and vigor. I didn’t think I’d be finding another song to fulfill the same purpose so soon, but I am.

One of these days and it won’t be long
You’re gonna look for me, and I’ll be gone

Donny Hathaway says it right in this sample, and it could not pair better with the soulful jive that occurs in the background. Listening to this song on repeat last night somehow sat with me so perfectly and unexpectedly. The happiness of its sound and the lyrics that are applicable to anything were all too harmonious in the moment, but I knew it would be perfect for this Thursday of thanks.

Count your blessings, ya’ll. Share some warmth today.

La Fine Équipe – Tourment d’Amour



HAIM – Don’t Save Me

I have my brother to thank for this track. I hate admitting that my taste in music is predictable, because the last thing I ever want to be is predictable. But I think it’s just that an appreciation for solid tunes and positive energy, something with a solid kick and punch, is universally loved. So maybe, just maybe, the universe is predictable. It’s not just me whose knees go weak at the mere hint of a band that channels Stevie Nicks vocally, with an ’80s tinge of drums, right?

Take me back, ta-ta-take me back to the way that I was before…”

I’ve never written here about the subject of “saving” a life or saving anything for the matter. Though it’s a subject I constantly go to in my poetry. After reading a series of stories that were written post Hurricane Katrina, I remembered noticing the obsession with safety. Not only safety, but saving those who were on the brink of death. I don’t need to state the obvious, because I’m sure people feel differently about that notion of saving someone. It’s definitely worth thinking about though. Saving someone’s life is really particular for the person that is doing the actual saving, much less for the person that is being saved. That is not to say that someone who is in the hands of another is not thankful or thinking about it for every moment. I’m saying, that our instinct is to save ourselves. No matter how weak we are, incapable of defending ourselves, taking care of ourselves, we have the instinct to at least try and maintain our own lives. Sometimes it falls out of our hands, in which case, it is in the hands of someone else.

That is a truly terrifying and beautiful thing. I think it has a lot to do with this song, with the subject of love and saviors. As I’ve said in previous posts about remaining present, a conversation that I had last night really set that theory in stone for me. To save something is to assume that you’ll be able to encounter it once again later on, but how about the now? Doesn’t that deserve some of your effort, too?

I think the fact that this song says don’t save me, as opposed to save me really speaks to that idea. Being conscious of the fact that sometimes an act of saving that is done by someone else, is more for that person than it is for you. Your presence will be felt regardless as to whether or not you’re saved. There’s definitely a cool dynamic though, because not being saved is combatted by “take me back”

These girls have got the right ideas; HAIM are an LA-based sister trio, and this is the second track that they’ve released. So far, everything I’ve heard from them, I’ve liked. We can only hope that they continue to crank out the hard work. This song has come to me at a really important time of my life, one that I will always associate with the now.

HAIM – Don’t Save Me