Blondie – Heart Of Glass (Auxil’s Flip)

There are some legacy acts that aren’t visible everywhere you go like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd who are printed on every other shirt and poster you see, but they’re beloved to listeners and critics and musicians (will this be Carly Rae Jepsen in the future!? hmm…). In my eyes though, Blondie is one of those acts. They might not have their faces on every piece of wholesale memorabilia on Hollywood Boulevard, but they put out five acclaimed albums in a row during their heyday and still have fans and critics excited for a new album in 2017. And that all goes without mentioning their status as producers’ favorite source of inspiration for remixes!

I feel like there’s a couple Blondie remixes a year that gain traction which makes sense considering Debbie Harry’s vocals transcend time and space. That being said, a new production duo named Auxil just might have the best Blondie remix I’ve ever heard. It’s a deep house flip that blends with Harry’s vocals perfectly, especially on the bridge…that swell of synthesizers and her sampled vocals is downright euphoric! I don’t know where exactly this song takes me to mentally, but it’s a place I want to visit again and again with Auxil’s flip on repeat.

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