New Young Pony Club – Chaos

We like a little Chaos, we like a little thrill.”

I’m in a little bit of a pickle with EMPT these days. The problem is that with Hear No Evil launched I can’t exactly post all the rare records I have in my collection because I would basically be giving the competition free product. On top of that we’re on the radar now so every time I release a record early I’ve got lawyers and internet police bringing the heat which is funny since it’s the band members that give me the records in the first place. I haven’t exactly had your typical upbringing so I’d probably be bored without the madness so in a way it is what it’s supposed to be…

Don’t take the breaks that were meant to save us
Make life a bitter pill…”

I love all the music I post on this site but in terms of variety, international flavors, cultures and flavors I’m not even touching 1 percent of my library. Obviously holding back on music is the opposite of what EMPT stands for but if I just let everything out for free I wouldn’t be doing my business much justice. I’m thinking of maybe having an EMPT radio station that people can subscribe to for a small fee or maybe a premium section of the site. Neither of those would stop the actual problem but at least I wouldn’t feel like we were just giving it all away. If anyone has ideas please feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment, I’d love to hear about it.

You’ve got the moment, tell me what’s the answer
You’ve got the instinct, tell me what’s the answer

Chaos is probably the best song to describe how everything feels right now. We’re moving to the beat of the city, gaining small successes here and there, building confidence in our brands and in ourselves but there are still so many questions to be answered. I’ve said it a million times before, my objective is to give you guys the absolute best in show and with that mentality I’ll always have a need to keep making things better and the only way to do that is by staying humble, working hard and constantly learning. I know we’ve got the moment, I don’t think I’ll ever have all the answers but that’s ok cause there’s no rush so line ’em up, we’ll shut ’em down cause I’ll do what ever it takes to go the distance, enjoy.

Anything left you, you can blame it on the brain not the heart – I’m playing my part…” Memphis Bleek (1998, It’s Alright)

New Young Pony Club – Chaos


Siriusmo – Allthegirls

Yes, that boob up there can only mean one thing in EMPT speak – Kevin Casey and I are putting on a show and spinning another party! This time it’s Saturday night at Foundation on the Lower East Side and it’s going to be a riot. We’ll be at Le Souk tomorrow night but if you want to see the dirty nasty no rules dance madness go down make it on Saturday…

P.S.K. we’re makin’ that green
People always sayin’ €what the hell does that mean?
P for the people who can’t understand
How one homeboy became a man
S for the way they scream and shout
One by one I’m knockin’ you out
K for the way my DJ kuttin’
Other MC’s man they ain’t sayin’ nothin’
Rockin’ on to the brink of dawn
I think Code Money yo time is on” – Schoolly D, What Does It Mean?

I digress but you have to excuse me my mind thinks in lyrical interludes. Now for the topic of this post, the Monkeytown Records golden child Siriusmo. This German producer is one of my favorites and though he tends to go left field every so often his hits unquestionable and something to talk about. I posted Urlaub In Berlin, the extremely funky highlight from his MiniRock LP a while back but had to repost it today because it couldn’t be more fitting for all the running around and energy I’m feeling from the city as of late.  Another down and dirty track back Siriusmo is a track calling all the girls to the dance floor.

All the girls get down…”

As I’ve stated before the EMPT business model is “Make The Girl Dance,” inspired by the French band of the same name and this important announcement fits right in. Unfortunately it’s only Tuesday and this tracks make it feel like Friday but there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasizing to get through the day, enjoy.

All my girls get up…”

Siriusmo – Allthegirls

Siriusmo – Urlaub In Berlin


Noctambule Photos

Took a while but here are some pictures from our Nocatambule series, check out the rest here. I think we’re going to take a break after 3 weeks straight but the saga continues, stay tuned…

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Tegan And Sara – Alligator (Toro Y Moi Remix)