Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind

Sometimes we hear commonalities in music that reach beyond simple genre labels, beyond the Rock / Pop aisle at our local record store.  Over the years I’ve categorized songs like Make Up Your Mind into a genre crafted in my own head, and that genre is “Mission Music.”   The image I get in my head when I hear “Mission Music” is someone running forward, paving new trajectories, dodging every roadblock that comes their way.  With its galloping rhythms, unblinking guitar / bass riffs and evolving instrumental structure, Brooklyn group Here We Go Magic provide a great selection for a goal-achieving soundtrack.    It contains conviction with no coffee cup in sight, motivated by pure passion.

Even though we might have a clear goal in sight, sometimes we can get sidetracked by a hitchhiking celebrity. Earlier this year, Here We Go Magic and John Waters‘ paths miraculously crossed, when the band discovered the venerable and thinly-moustachioed director while driving on I-70 in Ohio.   Are you serious? I am always looking for John Waters on the side of the road, thinking that one day I’ll see him gardening, or eating at a taco truck, but they just happen on him by chance? Jealous. My hope is that they played Make Up Your Mind for him as an example of their work, and they all danced and laughed, but that probably didn’t happen.  (We’ll hopefully know exactly what happened in his upcoming hitchhiking recount, Carsick).

One thing I particularly like about this song is its timeliness during election season.  Now, I’m not wont to get all political on a music blog site, but Make Up Your Mind makes me want to rock my vote, harder than MTV ever did.

Take a break from reading your voter guide and make a decision to give this song a listen.  Your vote counts.

Here We Go Magic – Make Up Your Mind


EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 2A by Ryan Radler

Last week we experienced some major player hating from The Man that eventually led to a subpar release of anti-winter 3A. If you haven’t heard or downloaded that one yet check out last weeks post here and spread the word, the kid Ryan Radler is bringing nothing but heat and something that good should not be left unknown. We’ve had many set backs with The Industry & it’s minions in our day but every time we come back swinging even harder and this time it’s no different. We’re 4 weeks and running with exclusive releases of the absolute best summer mixtape series on the web and we couldn’t be more excited about it. When we’re done with the anti-winter series I’m going to do a post featuring all of them so you guys can see just what this guy is doing here. From the custom artwork to the limitless sounds, these tapes are bleeding style and we can’t take ’em for granted…

I ended up spending the entire winter of 2011 developing all my mixes. Cold, blustery weekends you could find me snug in my loft researching and archiving the songs that I would then throw into Logic Pro for the fine-tuning mix sessions. In a cathartic twist, projecting myself into the Summer through the mixes actually made me forget the void left after the January heat wave in LA. I have channeled my “yearning for Summer” through these mixes and now, after many months, we have finally arrived!

We like to use music around these parts for all sorts of healing so that philosophy is right up our alley. Is it just me or does that blonde have really nice hair? Alright, I’m gonna go get all my work done to this fantastic soundtrack, you should do the same. Enjoy.

S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 2A

1. Bermuda – KISSES
2. Eastover Wives – DENT MAY
3. Got Blinded – TORO Y MOI
4. Gone for Summer – TEEN DAZE
5. Albatross – FLEETWOOD MAC
7. She Comes Alive – BABY MONSTER
8. From the Morning Heat – CRAFT SPELLS
10. Summer Samba (So Nice) [Samba de Verão] – WALTER WANDERLEY
11. Weak Condition – MAXX FEMM (PAUL LAYTON)
12. Wait and See – HOLY GHOST
13. Que Veux Tu – YELLE (MADEON REMIX)
15. Do You Believe – POOLSIDE
16. Freebirds – LOVER LOVER
17. Sun – CARIBOU
17. I Want You – MARVIN GAYE

EMPT Presents – S U M M E R: a n t i-w i n t e r 2 A by Ryan Radler by Et Musique Pour Tous