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ASTR – R U With Me

ASTR is a musical project that embodies the youth of America’s creative class. Its name is semi-ambiguous. What (or who?) is an ASTR? Is it a reference to John Jacob and the rest of the infamous Astor clan? Or does it connote “astro,” the prefix meaning “pertaining to stars”? Its creation story is rife with […]

Danny Brown – Die Like A Rock Star (Space Gang Redo)

This is such a an awesome remix. Danny Brown had created the original track which is harsh (in the best way) in its lyrics and delivery. Consistently referencing the deceased of Hollywood and delivering an almost eery tribute with his unique rap style. I think it is more in his voice than anything that makes […]

Divine Fits – My Love Is Real

So my father is hip. He’s thrown around the term “with it” a couple of times and I’ve caught him reading Gawker and Jezebel while a used and abused Wall Street Journal sits wrinkled in front of him at his desk. He’s not one of those other dads, he’s a cool dad (Mean Girls reference […]