ASH – Hold On Me

Love is a visceral emotion. It’s not just relayed through happiness in our brains, but it’s a physical sensation. It makes our bodies feel exhilaration and deep satisfaction. It’s also something that can’t simply be turned on and off on command. It seems ASH understands that notion more than most on her brand new single “Hold On Me”. The attachment to her partner is a bond beyond her control – “when it comes to you, I cave in” – that she conveys with such grace. You can hear the passion in each word sung as she declares “you got a hold on me.”

The production also does the topic of romance genuine justice – its minimalist verses give way to a hook of swelling synths that glisten with melodic edges. It’s amazing how even an instrumental can convey the intimate bond between two people…ASH truly found a track that accentuates her passionate vision to perfection. It does wonders for the imagery of lines like “he’s all about me, drinking his Jim Beam, lights a cigarette“, vividly bringing them to life throughout the song.

I can’t wait to return to ASH’s romantic vision of “Hold On Me” again and again.

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