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Hot Chip – These Chains

They call me “The Grinch Who Hates Christmas Music.” Unless it’s choral and recorded before 1950, count me out. My office internet crapped out yesterday, and I had to work out of a Famima (is it a national chain? Think up-market 7-11). Chintzy, overwrought Christmas music for hours…how do the cashiers not go insane? Christmas […]

The 2 Bears – Heart of the Congos

I would venture to guess that most EMPT readers are familiar with Hot Chip, the excellent, enduring brainchild of Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard. One of my favorite bands, Hot Chip have brilliantly managed to become popular internationally without becoming “mainstream.” They headline festivals, but you won’t hear them on the radio (unless you listen […]

Foals – My Number (Hot Chip Remix)

I’m a pretty grounded guy most of the time. My nature is such that I’m the type to live in my own head, to seek out and process all the angles before moving forward. Today is different. Today I don’t exactly know what to do with myself. I’m basically coasting in the afterglow of my […]

Hot Chip – Don’t Deny Your Heart

This is one of those songs that I can’t get enough of. It’s been my summer anthem. The first time I really got into it was an amazing day right in the middle of the summer where the universe was in total accordance with my soul. That is to say, all the people I saw […]

Hot Chip – How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix)

Hit songs are supposed to be < 3:30 in length. If a pop song exceeds this length, it’s breaking this rule, and it becomes unfriendly for radio play. Fortunately, “Remaster of the World” Todd Terje just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about pop aesthetics. No, by bringing back old school synths (Mogs?) and thumping in […]

Diplo – Hot Chip vs Major Lazer (Extended Version)

OBSESSED!  This is almost all I want to say but that would be a big no no, but that word pretty much sums up this track for me.  I know I have been holding out on this one all weekend, but I really wanted to give you something that will make you feel so F*&cking […]

Hot Chip – Motion Sickness

The sound of a crowd and the inaugural rhythm provide the gateway into Hot Chip’s fifth full-length, In Our Heads. Layer upon layer of drums and synths teleport you through the history of the universe. Don’t reach for the barf bag as you spiral through the space-time continuum. “Motion Sickness” exhibits the band’s innate ability to create […]

Joe Goddard – Gabriel (feat. Valentina)

Enter the sanctuary of Joe Goddard. This one felt appropriate since Hot Chip just released In Our Heads. I’m still not sure how Joe does it. Five studio albums with Hot Chip and the recent release of The 2 Bears’ Be Strong have tempered him in the fires of electro-indie-dance-tronica. I walked 2.5 miles in the rain today […]

Get Out There…

Excuse the lack of post this week, I was stuck in the Dominican Republic since Sunday because of Irene so now I’m back in the city playing catchup with my bizz. Anyways, I kept it under wraps but some of yall might have noticed that EMPT was shut down for a good 12 hours last […]

Hot Chip – Hold On (D.I.M Remix)

This is from a Digitalism live set @ N-Joy. Sick remix, can’t listen to it enough. I’m only going to heaven if it feels like, hell.” Hot Chip – Hold On (D.I.M Remix)