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Feist – How Come You Never Go There

Leslie Feist can do no wrong in my book. She has the ability to chill me out and get me going – all within two tracks of each other. She’s morning, noon, and night music – a story-teller and musician; something you don’t see much of these days. Can you believe she’s 36? Rock on girl. You do you best and I will admittedly follow you where ever you go sonically.

We carry on as if our time is through
You carry on as if I don’t love you
And so we find the way is out
To cut the heart out of the doubt now
The room’s full but hearts are empty
Like the letters never sent me
Words are like a lasso
You’re an instrumental tune
How come you never go there?

This track comes to you straight from her late 2011 album Metals. It was the first single released and sets the tone for this new era of Feist. Acoustically, it parallels her pre Reminder era; a little bluesy, a little poppy, and a hell of a lot of minimalist poetry. It’s a mellow tune that washes over you and cools ya down. Her cool “woah woah woah-oh’s” have got me transported to some local bar where the lights are at their dimmest and cigarette smoke swirls towards the ceiling while Feist herself is swaying on stage with a guitar and bottle whiskey. The crowd is hushed and hypnotized by the soothing song coming from her mouth. She croons out a story of lovers in a doomed relationship, each not meeting the other’s expectations; yet there isn’t a hint of sadness or bitterness in her delivery. It’s like she’s throwing in the towel with each “woah” and plainly walking away. There’s an air of indifference to this track that makes it work so well.

Why not relax a little before the night begins with this track. A cold beer or Old Fashion will go down just as smooth Feist’s voice will sound through your speakers.

Feist – How Come You Never Go There