Music Remixes

Jeremiah – 773 Love (Cashmere Cat Edit)

There is refined taste and then there is universal taste when it comes to music in my book. I like to think that mine is a combination of the two, and that most of the people who surround me on a day to day basis are the same way. It’s really exciting to encounter someone who has a fundamental similarity with you in that their taste of music aligns with your own. It’s easy to forget who is similar to you, and who isn’t. There are people in life that are reasons for your love of a certain genre — for me, my father is the reason for my fundamental love of rock n’ roll, and he will always be. Which means that it should be easy for me to always remember that my father and I will always be connected in that musical sense. Of course, as humans, we tend to forget. And it’s always a really cute reminder to catch another person, whether it’s a parent, loved one, or best friend, in a moment of surprise for both you and them. This was the case today when I was in the car with a dear friend. I decided to show off some of the new music I was listening to as of late.

This was one of the songs that came on, and while we were talking about things non-music related, I saw something in his eyes that I know happens to me, too, when I hear a song that I immediately enjoy. It’s the same way you look at someone you care about when they’re talking to you and you’re being silent, with a smile in your eye but not necessarily on your mouth. “I like this,” was all he said. And never mind the fact that we had both grown up together with a mutual love for such different music, like Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, & Yes. The formula, beginning with those undoubtable classics, meant that we’d be connected forever no matter how different our music tastes became.

I was really happy in this moment because not only did I have the same reaction to this song as my friend when I first encountered it, but I was proud of how modern his taste had become. We’re always going to be rooted in our classics, no doubt, but to be open to sounds that make us feel good, is the true musicianship of a quality listener.

The ride continued on to unearth the sounds of Busta Rhymes, How To Dress Well, Outkast, & Nicolas Jaar, which both of us enjoyed happily.

Pre-Thanksgiving jams are the best, with anticipation of food and love on the horizon, allow the time that you set aside to listen to this song to be a shared moment with someone you care about. You’ll thank me later.

Jermiah – 773 Love (Cashmere Cat Edit)


How to Dress Well – & It Was U

We’ve all heard of yacht rock, but how about yacht R&B? Could we allow such a thing to exist? If it did, & It Was U would dock itself at the shores of this newfound subgenre. As a yacht song, it has all the telling elements: major key, vocal harmonization,  and bold falsetto.  Though while most yacht songs were overproduced and a tad overzealous, one thing that sets it apart from that cheesy subgenre is the minimal composition and blatant sincerity, which is one of How to Dress Well‘s strengths.

& It Was U provides a lightly pulse pounding climax to How to Dress Well‘s sophomore album, Total Loss.  The man under the Dress, Tom Krell, lays down several layers of vocal tracks that nearly blow Robin Thicke out of the water.  And then there are there are the pulsating, R&B/dancehall drum beats. And then…well, that’s about it as far as instruments go, but frankly that’s all this song needs to make it emotionally heavy.  It’s as if Krell is coming into his own, feeling a little more confident as a singer than on his airy debut album, Love Remains, where his voice was shrouded in distortion and other effects.

I’d like to think that after delivering the excellent, no-holds-barred sensuous second verse on Playing House, his glittery baby-making collaboration with contemporary Active Child, he felt more comfortable in brining more of his strongest instrument to the surface.  But who knows, this evolution might have been part of a plan to not lay all of his cards out at once.  If so, well then shoot, Tom Krell is one clever artist.

Sit back, listen and enjoy.

How to Dress Well – & It Was U