Kill Paris – I Do Love You

Kill Paris brings new meaning to a live DJ and Producer. Utilizing the capabilities of Ableton Live and his own custom controllers, Kill Paris plays and loops Bass, Guitar, Synth, and drum beats all while mixing in and out of songs. His live show has been described as something never seen or experienced before.”

After reading that last line in the quote I definitely would like to see this dude live.  Sometimes you have a different experience with an artist live then you would only knowing them on your speakers.  I have come across a few artists that I didn’t care for upon hearing them on the radio or someones sound system in their home, but then I would get lured in to seeing a show and would be completely mesmerized by the the energy, the live sound and also what always makes a difference for me is the way the crowd is reacting to the artist.  When I am floored by a show I get this really almost nervous fluttery feeling, you know that feeling when you first fall in love with someone, or if you have ever been skydiving?  Its hard to describe but its nervous, but happy and you just want to laugh out loud but you have no idea why.  Keep falling in love with music, that’s the kind of love you know will always stick around!

I do love you, I do love you
But its alright, alright, alright…”

Kill Paris does great job with his use of different sounds, especially his use of drums in this track, not too over powering but just the right amount which makes this a great chilled out party track. Another Los Angeles native on our hands here, Kill Paris, birthday name Corey Baker is giving you some new killer tracks each week so check him out on Soundcloud.

Alright people let loose this weekend or don’t, whatever you feel, but don’t EVER stop playin’ the music…


Kill Paris – I Do Love You