Lash – I’m Gonna Be There

Lash’s newest tells the story of a couple enduring hardships and maintaining their love for one another. Called “I’m Gonna Be There”, it’s a gorgeous, layered track that exudes a passionate vibe between sincere vocals and bouncy synths to match. The song’s notion of maintaining a relationship through the good, bad, and ugly is something that goes beyond romance as I’ve recently experienced. When I moved out to LA in January, I made close friends in the same industry I worked in who saw my progression as a person and professional – sure, there difficult times, but it felt like a natural part of the process of dealing with a host of personal issues while moving across the country.

Once tougher events began to occur and I felt like I wasn’t living up to my standards of handling those events, I slowly began to fear that my friends would begin to distance themselves from me – in my mind, I was a drain on their time and energy. I internalized that feeling and it only got worse, but I finally brought it up to the tightest friend I’ve made in LA and their response was nothing more than laughter. It made me realize that real friends (how many of us?) are there to offer support and guidance, not dip out when times are tough. For such a simple concept, it’s hilarious that it took me almost 10 months to figure it out, but it’s all part of the journey.

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